VoiceSolo FX150 routing options

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    VoiceSolo FX150 routing options

    Hi all,

    I am considering a VoiceSolo FX150, but want to know if I can route the sound as I require. I want to run a vocal mic, through the FX150 to a mixer one one channel and then a guitar through the other channel and a separate out to the mixing desk.

    So, two independent inputs and to independent outputs. Is this possible with this unit? I can't work it out from the manual.
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    I agree the manual could go into more detail about the Thru. However you could possibly use it to do what you want.

    You'll notice in the manual it refers to the master mix going into channel 2 of the 1st box and then chaining down the fx-150's .. that would likely mean that the input to ch-2 is routed through THRU.

    So "if that is correct" then it'll be 1 out to desk and THRU to desk input 2.
    .. you'll NEED to press the Mix / Ch-1 button to the in position otherwise ch-2 will go out the mix output XLR from the fx-150

    TC bods, can you check my thinking

    You could also guitar to desk and then a desk send into ch-2 of the 150 . That'll do it too (however desk wouldn't have guitar wet.
    .. Depends what you are after

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    Unfortunately it doesn't appear to work this way. The "thru" jack is actually only there to support daisy chaining a monitor mix across a number of FX150 units.

    Personally I'd love to be able to use that "thru" jack as an output for a second mic, which uses the fantastic vocal processing of the unit and then sends that off to a loop unit (and in my case back in through the aux post), while the main mic routes directly to the main mix.
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    2 channels through

    Hi there, actually I do use the FX150 as outlined above, i.e. :
    input 1 -> my vocal mic, XLR-input, using phantom power of the FX150
    input 2 -> my guitar (Variax Acoustic), XLR-input
    through 2-> to FOH console, there I have the guitar
    through 1, with 'ch1 switch' engaged -> to FOH console, here I have the vocal mic signal

    it works fine regarding having the signals separate at the FOH mixer. The only some caveats I have noticed (and TC may take this as a wish for a feature update :

    1) if ch1 switch is engaged, so that you have only the Ch1 signal at the through1 (labeled 'out'), then -on the FX150-speaker itself- channel 2 effects are obviously disabled. i would have liked to use the reverb on my guitar like on the vocals of channel one. no idea why they disabled this

    2) with ch1 switch engaged, the through1 only carries the signal from ch1, but POST EQ/FX ! So the FOH mixer will not receive the dry signal of the mic. Absolutely beyond me what the product designers were thinking here

    3) there is no phantom power at (XLR-) input 2. In my setup with my Variax Acoustic I do not need it, but I could imagine others would. so why not just supply phantom power to both inputs?



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