The Way She Smiles (December song 2016)

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    The Way She Smiles (December song 2016)

    This is my December 2016 song, I completed the final mix yesterday

    The Way She Smiles - Listen at -

    I never Saw her eyes
    If I would have
    I would have seen through the lies
    She never let me in
    If she would have
    She would have Thought less to sin


    I really love the way she smiles
    I really need the way it makes me feel inside
    I'm gonna miss the way she smiles
    I'm gonna miss the things she never had to hide, the good times

    So many times I tried
    Tried to reach out
    To a love that must of died
    So tender is the pain
    When you love her
    And you find your loves in vain

    Repeat Chorus

    So many ways she delights me
    So many ways she excites me
    But I can't ignore the rain