Playing "break music" WAV files on M32C

  1. #1 by Andrew Henderson on 10-14-2016
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    Playing "break music" WAV files on M32C

    Hi all,

    I'm a fairly new M32 owner. I have a gig with the M32C tomorrow, and am preparing a playlist of WAV files to play for "break music" before the event, and during band changeovers.

    Using M32 Edit on my Mac, I have no problem navigating through the USB drive's folders and playing songs. However, on the M32 Mix app on my iPad (on the "Recorder" tab), I can't seem to find a way to navigate through the folder structure of the drive. If I use M32 Edit (on the Mac) to start playback of a song, I can then use M32 Mix (iPad) to change tracks within that folder.

    I'm wondering whether I'm missing something, or if navigating through USB files & folders just isn't implemented in the M32 Mix app. Any insight?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. #2 by Raimond Stijnman on 06-29-2018
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    Same behaviour here.

    I have the same problem here. Can only play the first wav file on the usb drive. Tried a lot of things but I cannot fix it.
    Is there anyone with a solution for this?
  3. #3 by Gary Higgins on 06-29-2018