New PRO Series Offline Editor G3.4 is now available!

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    New PRO Series Offline Editor G3.4 is now available!

    Dear all,

    We're pleased to announce the release of our latest Offline Editor G3.4 for PRO Series consoles!

    G3.4 Offline Editor (OSX)

    Version G3.4 OE (25 May 2016)

    This document constitutes a formal release of Apple Mac OSX software for public usage. This release covers offline editors for PRO1, PRO2/2C and PRO X and provides compatibility with the G3.4 release for these consoles. These Offline Editors will run on Apple OSX Mavericks (v10.9), Yosemite (v10.10) and El Capitan (v10.11)


    Neutron NB expansion card configuration
    - 10 x additional AES50 SMAC ports
    - Fully configurable ports work as an expansion of the existing standard 8 AES50 ports on the Neutron and three FoH AES50 ports on the PRO X surface
    - 2 x CM-1 expansion ports
    - ASRC allows for separate external clock sync of module (card dependent)
    - Or module and it’s network can clock from Neutron
    - Allows for the configuring of the following CM-1 modules
    - Audinate Dante 64

    New Effects
    - Automixer
    - TC Electronic M350 Reverb

    Mono master link to Stereo Masters option enabled (PRO1)


    - Effects: De-esser bypass button realigned
    - Automation: Solos no longer clear on scene change
    - Naming Sheet: Fixed issue where selecting Input 1-16 from drop down menu would call AuxS 1-16 instead
    - GUI: Contributions to AuxS now correctly displayed following input mode change


    How to install the offline editor on OSX:

    1. Copy the file below to an Apple Macintosh computer
    2. Double-click the file
    3. Accept the license agreement
    4. Drag the Midas Offline Editor icon onto the “Drop here to install” icon
    5. The program is then automatically installed and can be clicked to start it

    Minimum Specifications (for application only)
    - Apple Mac with OSX 10.7 (Lion) or above
    - 4GB RAM
    - 500MB HDD available

    Operational Considerations

    How to install the offline editor on OSX

    - Download the dmg fi le from the website to your Mac
    - Double click on the icon
    - Follow the on screen instructions

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