Some problem with M32R +DL153+DL151

  1. #11 by Gary Higgins on 11-11-2017
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    New firmware is out 3.08, I believe it fixes the issue:
  2. #12 by Allen Pendleton on 11-13-2017
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    I hope so too. I loaded the new firmware on one of the x32's last night and I will connect a DL153 to it tonight and see how it operates. I will test all week with the new firmware.
  3. #13 by Allen Pendleton on 11-15-2017
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    I have tested 3.08 with the DL153 for 2 days and i have had no issues at all so i believe this issue is fixed with the newest firmware. I tried it several hours on 2 consoles and everything works fine.
  4. #14 by Pan Kai En on 12-24-2017
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    Me too

    I have tested 3.08 with two DL153 , 5 shows This week

    had no issues at all !!!

    Thanks all !
  5. #15 by Stefan Daniel on 04-20-2018
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    Problem output Dl153 stagebox

    i have the folowing problem:
    i use Midas M32r with 2 og DL153 stagebox as :

    1 Dl153 in A port and swcond Dl153 in B port, but there is no output going in the second stegbox, how should i do the routing so that the second stegbox to become output 9 to 16 and to put 15 and 16 outs as master out.

  6. #16 by Paul Vannatto on 04-20-2018
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    Hi Stefan,

    Welcome to the forum. Assuming that you mean that one of the DL153 is connected to the AES50-A port of the M32 and the second DL153 is connected to the AES50-B port of the M32, go to the Routing, AES50-b screen and assign Out 9-16 to the first bank. Then on the Routing Out 1-16 screen assign the Main L to Output 15 (post fader) and Main R to Output 16 (post fader).

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