iP series App for Android ????

  1. #1 by Paul Gumerman on 04-04-2016
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    iP series App for Android ????

    So ... is there a plan for this? The silence from Turbosound and Music-Group is deafening!
  2. #2 by Pascal Ginga on 08-14-2016
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    Hi music group...

    Any news about an hypothetical android version ?
    Thanks for the answer

  3. #3 by Michel Blanc on 10-11-2016
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    Android, Android, Android!!

    In 2016, 86% of smartphones and tablet users in the world have... Android...
    So, for IP series, why only an app for IOS?!!

    Could we hope for an Android app soon?

    Or a simple navigator access (like for the soundcraft UI mixers) which can be used whith all os (windows, mac, ios, android...)?
  4. #4 by Michel Blanc on 10-17-2016
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    Android App for IP series

    Hi Music Group!

    I forgot to say in my precedent post that an Android App could boost sales of IP2000

  5. #5 by Chase McKnight on 10-18-2016
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    Hi Michel,

    The Turbo Control App for the iNSPIRE Series is currently only available on iOS using an iPhone and iPad. It's possible that Android will be supported in the future, however there is no time frame for such release.

    Chase McKnight
    Manager, Solutions
    MUSIC Group
  6. #6 by Michel Blanc on 11-09-2016
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    What a pity!
    Really needed...
  7. #7 by Pascal Ginga on 11-11-2016
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    Seriously ?

    The large majority of smartphones and tablets are under android and there is no plan for a version for this system ?

    C'mon music group, you can do better than that.
    An android version is highly needed.

  8. #8 by Lee E. Wolloff on 05-27-2018
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    Turbo Control for Androjd

    Download de ed the new app from the playstode. It will not connect to my IP1000. I can o ly play back music. Co trol will not connect.