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  2. Recording from XLR output of a Eurolive B112W

    We are having a memorial service at our church. Normally, we don't use or have, a PA system, but for this service we want to use a PA and video the service. What we have to work with is a Eurolive...
  3. 14 Hours Ago

    Scene Request

    Hello all,
    I've been using my XR-12 for about six months at an open mic that I host. The typical setup for the open mic is two Behringer XM8500 mics and two acoustic/electric guitars playing...
  4. 20 Hours Ago

    Loudness Contour Volume Issue

    I recently got a Model D, and I'm not sure if I am still inexperienced in it's use or if there is something wrong with the product. Often, I find that the sound being produced loses volume...