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  2. 9 Hours Ago

    Latest update troubles

    Using Windows 10 to try and update my eurorack installed model D from version 1.03. Please help. Anybody have any of the earler firmware updates handy? Super frustrating
  3. 17 Hours Ago

    Help with FBQ 1000

    just purchased a Pyle pro 800 watt 8 channel mixer amp trying to hook up feedback destroyer, I also have a small 8 channel Behringer mixer i think it is an MX-80 i do not have TRS cables.
  4. X32 Edit preset recalls, X32 edit overwrite, DCA mute assignment

    I'm sure some of these have been discussed before but they are recurring issues for me.

    1. I wish we could recall consoled stored presets on X32 edit. i.e. an EQ preset that is stored on the...