View Full Version : They really _do_ hear us!

Pauly Mel
10-10-2012, 11:49 PM
G’day All.

To cut a long story short - When I plugged my X-32 into the firewire port on my computer, I didn’t see any inputs or outputs. A major issue to me as I got the desk for recording only.

I reported this on the forums (along with another issue), and received an email from Patrick Ferdig, who dug deep and helped me with the other issue, then passed me to Chase McNight. Chase ascertained that It may require local input and passed me to Renee at Behringer in Blackburn.
Renee bent over backwards to help! She put up with a whole raft of emails from me describing processes and techniques that led me to the conclusion it was the X-UF card at fault. Working with Chase, she organized a replacement card and delivered it in person! She then hung around while I installed the card, drivers, and tested it.

Problem solved.

Things do go wrong, and we all understand that. It’s only then however, that you can gauge the quality of the people you are dealing with. These guys really stood up, and followed this issue to resolution. I could not be happier with their attitude and service.

If this is the new Behringer – Count me IN. :D

Thanks again