View Full Version : UB1622FX no main to Phones

10-07-2012, 07:38 AM
I use the UB1622FX for years now in my home recording setup. All was working well
but since a while I can't send the main mix anymore to the phones.
I use the SUB for sending signals to the PC during recording and I use channel 11/12 for the return of the main signal of the PC and its Main button to send this signal to the phones.
I have set all signals properly (since it worked for years), didn't changed anything.

But when I select at SOURCE the Main Mix, I have to set the Phones button at max to hear 5% signal (approx).
When I select the SOLO of CH11/12 and uset the MAIN SOLO button (below headphones) it's working properly at normal level. But that's not how I want to use it.

Is it possible that the SOURCE button (MAIN MIX) isn't working good or leaking?

Thanks for help.