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Andrew Jarratt
10-03-2013, 11:40 PM
Hi, I'm looking to move the band to an in ear monitoring setup. Our singer already uses a shure Psm 200 fed from an aux bus and I was looking to add something like the HA 4700 to provide wired Iem for the rest of the band.

The desk I have is a eurodesk sl 3242fx pro and I was after advice on how to wire it all together. The main thing is that the singer needs a full mix with singer bias, the guitarist needs a full mix with guitar and his vocal bias. And the bass a drummer could do with a bit of extra bass and drums respectively. Is that possible with the setup we have or do I need to move to a desk with more aux options?

Any help appreciated.


Paul Vannatto
10-04-2013, 09:38 AM
Hi Andrew,

Welcome to the forum. The problem with IEM's is that each musician needs a separate mix, as you clearly stated. It's a "more me" scenario, which is very natural. If the musician can hear his/her voice and instrument clearly over the overall mix, he/she sings/plays better because of the confidence level that is developed. Unfortunately you either have to have an Aux send for each of the musicians and mix their desired mix from the console, or have a separate monitor mixer with enough Aux sends.

Another way of accomplishing this is to provide each musician with a personal mixer and send them all the channels and let them mix their own mix. That is where the X32 line of mixers with the P16 personal mixers shine.

Unfortunately, that console you have only has 2 pre/post Aux sends and 2 post Aux sends (that are tied to the onboard Fx engines). Post Aux sends don't work well for monitor mixes because each time you adjust the fader to mix the main L/R (FOH) you also adjust their mix. So in essence you only have 2 Aux send for monitors.

The HA4700 also only has 2 balanced inputs (L/R). So even though you can plug in 4 headphones, you only have 2 mixes available.

What I would suggest you do is to find another console with a minimum of 4 pre Aux sends and use 2 of the HA4700. That would give you 4 individual monitor mixes.

The other suggestion would be to save your shekels and invest in one of the X32 consoles and possibly the P16 personal mixers. I'm just waiting for the X32 Rack to arrive in North America to replace my A&H GL2400 console (6 pre/post Aux sends). The X32 can provide an equivalent of 18 monitor mixes (between mixbusses and matrixes) which can be sent to simple headphone amps, power monitor speakers, etc. and the musicians can mix their own mix using iPhone, iPad, android phone or tablet. That's my plan anyways.

Hope that helps


Andrew Jarratt
10-04-2013, 11:36 AM
Hi Paul, that's about where i'd got to but this was a bit of a last ditch "hope that I am missing something" post. Had a look at the X32's which are very shiny indeed but unfortunately a bit beyond our reach at the moment. Looks like I'll just work with what we've got for now and save up for a new mixer with some more aux sends.

Thanks for the info!



Tim Padrick
10-05-2013, 11:08 PM
Wait for the ix16 to arrive (if the band will fit on 16). It will give you six mono mixes (or perhaps 4 mono and one stereo?). It would be nice to give everyone a stereo mix, but until you hit the lottery....

Mario Van Helden
10-25-2013, 09:22 AM
Hi Andrew,

There is another option for you that has not been brought-up.

Thanks to the P16-I it is possible to integrate the P16-System into a setup using a standard analog mixer. On the back panel of the P16-I it is equipped with 16 analog inputs, on the front side you can connect up to six P16-M mixers without using additional power-supplies for the P16-M mixers, (power is provided via Cat5 together with audio data).


Every musician can use an individual P16-M to create his very own Stereo Monitor mix that are feed by 16 mono signals that are connected to the P16-I.

Only remaining question is: How to connect your SL3242FX to the P16-I?
As the SL3242FX is not equipped with direct outputs you can consider using its Insert I/O jacks for this purpose.
Please follow the link below in order to see how the cable needs to be "configured":

There is plenty of information available online, just search for "use insert as direct out".
The following page for instance provides comprehensive information on this topic:

If you have no experience with soldering cables you can ask for custom made cables of this kind at your local musical-instruments shop.

Best regards,

Mario van Helden
Senior Specialist, Product

Paul Vannatto
10-25-2013, 03:24 PM
Thanks Mario for suggesting the P16-I. I had totally forgot that it existed.

Andrew, seriously have a look at the P16 line of personal mixers. We have 6 of them at our church and the musicians love them. They have full control of their mix and they picked up how to use them very quickly.