View Full Version : LC2412 light console remoted via Android Tablet

Jiř Jirutka
05-16-2013, 11:07 PM
Hi guys, I have idea for remote controling LC2412 via wifi with android tablet, this is only theory, I must try this.
On the prestige actions, I have X32, laptop for recording and LC2412. So, I need only some cables.
LC2412 has MIDI for remote control, X32 has integrated MIDI interface on XUF, in the rack of FOH I have Wifi router for X32 remote.

If I connect X32 and laptop for recording, laptop has MIDI interface, than I can connect MIDI out from X32 to MIDI in of LC2412 - now I have connect between laptop and LC22412.

Than I need some software for Android tablet for MIDI control, with PC server - connect via Wifi (router, X32, laptop, tablet)

There is ask, some SW for MIDi control for android with PC server SW.
Is this right?