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04-10-2013, 08:26 AM
I've found a YouTube video on how to set DMX patches to channels on the desk, but nothing yet on how to connect / program the lights themselves. For example, I have a number of Orion par 64 LED fixtures...I know how to set their DMX channel and how to patch that channel to one of the 24 channels on the desk...but I'm having trouble figuring out how to adjust the RGB on the lamps. s there another utility screen I should be using? Documentation is pretty weak, I find...

Any help greatly appreciated!

Zac Ross
04-15-2013, 08:49 AM
Dear Ian,

Orian par cans have the ability to program RGB. Use the manual for programming lessons:


The video below is a great reference for programming DMX:


This product was designed specifically for use with dimmer packs and standard spotlights and will fulfill the requirements more than adequately, when used with this category of equipment. Of course, the standard DMX512 protocol does allow the LC2412 to communicate with technically more advanced lighting equipment, and the LC2412 performs admirably in the majority of standard applications. However - I should point out that the degree of precision with which any DMX "movement" commands from the LC2412 are interpreted will depend to a greater extent on the way in which the movement control is realized by the equipment in question. Getting the optimum performance from such sophisticated machinery may well require the use of a dedicated moving light controller, in keeping with the demands of the application. The LC2412 offers very flexible and reliable, lighting control possibilities in a compact format... This console is designed for small par can/basic lighting applications. The unit has numerous functions for creating steps, sound-to-light controlled scenes, MIDI based setups and much more - but this product is not intended to replace the functionality of a fully functional, dedicated moving light controller.

If you've got lights, dimmers, and maybe some basic color changers, this product will work well for that application. For anything much more complex we recommend a different solution.

Kind Regards,

04-18-2013, 09:08 AM
Hi Zac,

Thanks for the response. I had already found the video you listed a link for...as I mentioned, I have no problem assigning DMX addresses to console channels. Am I correct in assuming you are saying that the Chauvet fixtures use the same steps as my Orion fixtures, so that's why the link to the Chauvet manual?

Still not much farther ahead, unfortunately. Since I need 4 channel DMX for each group of fixtures (intensity, RGB), I think I need to choose the 7 channel mode, as the three does not support dimming. Given that...how would I connect (or more specifically program), say, 40 fixtures? On other consoles, I have been able to set any DMX start address on each fixture or bank, then just select that fixture to program it. The Eurolight doesn't appear to be able to select a fixture based on DMX address to program...unless I am somehow missing that function.

For example if I set the 1:1 DMX patching, and set a fixture to DMX001, then the first 7 channels on the console would be dedicated to that fixture. Since there is only 24 faders, that would limit me to only three fixtures or fixture groups. I'm certain I should, with 40 lamps, be able to have more than three "groups" of fixtures...what if I want a mix of four colors?

The answer appears to lie in assigning multiple DMX addresses to a single channel, however that doesn't work...I can't set those "other" DMX addresses to a different color...they just become part of the "group".

So...questions are:

1. How can I separate my lights into, say, 8 "groups", and individually program them? In other words...if I group my lamps based on DMX addresses (each one automatically taking a block of 7 channels for programming...how do I select fixtures to program, since I only have 24 faders to go across 512 potential DMX addresses?

2. Still having difficulties trying to save a scene, as well. I have followed the steps in the manual, as well as a vid I found, but the scene does not save. I am:

a- adjusting the presets to what I want, then
b- selecting a storage bank, then
c- hitting the memory button, then
d- selecting a storage location (flash button), then
e- have tried both saves (all, and preset)...nothing saves

Halp! A little frustrated now, as contrary to your comments about this being intended for DMX dimmers, I was sold this as the perfect console to control my Orion LEDPar64 lamps with....and so far, not getting very far.

Thanks in advance!

Zac Ross
04-22-2013, 03:59 PM
Dear Ian,

To program scenes do as follows:

1. Power up the dimmer pack and the LC2412.
2. Press the QUIT button.
3. Use the LC2412 UP and DOWN button to make ‘P' appear in the BANK display. It will flash for a few seconds, then remain lit.
4. Push up the MAIN and A faders, and then use faders 1, 2, and 3 in the A PRESET fader section to create a stage design with the lights.
5. Use the UP and/or DOWN button to select BANK ‘1' in the BANK display, then press the MEMORY button, and the following will appear in the PROGRAM display: SEL. MEMORY _ _ / 01 (top line) and PRESET ALL (in the second line).
6. Press the FLASH 1 button (in the lower left of the LC2412 front panel), and the display will change to: SEL. MEMORY 01/01 (top line) and PRESET ALL (bottom line).
7. Press the SOFT A button to choose saving a preset.
8. Press QUIT to leave the MEMORY function.
9. Use the UP and/or DOWN button to make ‘P' appear in the BANK display.
10. Use the 1, 2, and 3 faders in the A PRESET section to create another stage design with the lights.
11. Use the UP and/or DOWN buttons to select BANK ‘1' in the BANK display, then press the MEMORY button, and the following wil appear in the PROGRAM display: SEL. MEMORY _ _ / 01 (top line) and PRESET ALL (on the bottom line).
12. Press the FLASH 2 button, and the PROGRAM display will change to show: SEL. MEMORY 02/01 (top line) and PRESET ALL (on the bottom line).
13. Press the SOFT A button to choose saving a preset.
14. Press the QUIT button.
15. To recall the memory that was just created, start by pulling down fader A ad pushing up fader B.
16. You can now use the faders that are marked ‘M1' or ‘M2' in the B MEMORY fader section to recall the two presets that were just saved into memory slot numbers 1 and 2 in BANK 01.

You will need to reference your lights to program the correct DMX. Each address will take up a channel. Set the first light's address to fader one. To program:

Hold down Utility 2 and then SOFT A to change a patch. Channels associate to the channel on the board. The CH FLASH buttons select the individual channel and upper will select 13-24. Use the DATA wheel to scroll through each DMX address and assign to the faders accordingly.

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We hear you!

Kind Regards,
Zac Ross
Jr. Admin, Tech Support

Trevor Nelson
06-05-2013, 10:10 AM

I also have an LC2412 that I have been trying to program as well. I can get scenes created in program mode and change banks to store it, but as soon as I hit 'Memory', the lights go black and nothing happens. Even running through the rest of the instructions with it 'dark' it still does nothing. Do I have a defective board, or is there something that I'm missing?