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  1. Groc media recording
  2. David Embree Productions
  3. And the rains came.
  4. Independent Idols
  5. Just another Saturday night with my B system
  6. We are not Rock Stars, but we have worked with a few
  7. Uploading New tracks to the forum
  8. X32 Live Recording Halloween H&N Show 2014
  9. Vampire story,,,,
  10. Haywood and Newman Along Came A Sailor
  11. smallest FOH Workspace ever....
  12. Live - Bryan Adams 'Cuts Like A Knife' Cover - (XR-18)
  13. 40th birthday party songs
  14. Dylan Barr Live at The Lake House 6/6/15
  15. Halloween Show tracks up on you tube
  16. My cover band "Roughhouse" Live - recorded direct out of XR 18 mixer.
  17. Instant karma (cover band) XR18 Live recording
  18. You REALLY know how it is for a band waiting for the drummer?
  19. Lighting
  20. Large Italian American Festival
  21. Band rehearsal recordings - Xenyx UFX1204USB
  22. XR18 Live Recording
  23. Recorded a Open Mic with the X18 Video
  24. Practice session Claytones " You're My Baby"
  25. My first recording encounter with Behringer C1U it was awesome!
  26. Homage to X32
  27. Recording with X18 you can get in touch with your multiple personalities
  28. Noob just sayin' hi!
  29. Acoustic Duo
  30. Live use of the X32 as in-ears
  31. I recorded an entire song with the UCG102 Guitar Link !
  32. Live recording with XAir16
  33. Let's Rock with NTOROC and Behringer U-Phoria UM2
  34. I'll Be Doing All Right
  35. The Way She Smiles (December song 2016)
  36. Steve Haywood New tracks mastered on my X32
  37. I Felt The Sun Upon My Face
  38. New artist-junkie munky
  39. The Bowman
  40. I Can't Jump (March 2017 Song)
  41. Mr. Bad Guy (April 2017 song)
  42. Pink Floyd Tribute using an X32
  43. I'm Just A Poor Boy
  44. Does Behringer work with new product idea/inventors outside of the company?
  45. Life Is Very Short
  46. At work with the X32
  47. Newest CD from Power Metal band WRETCH tracked with a X-32!!
  48. Now I Wonder
  49. I Still Haven't Found What I Need
  50. I'm Not Dead Yet
  51. Greetings from my laptop!
  52. Band rehearsal with a load of Behringer gear !
  53. Grackle's new album, recorded with an X32 and Deep Mind (among other things)
  54. The Bowman
  55. Installing actual Behringer Drivers for the UM2 on Windows 10
  56. Overworld Dreams Release With Deepmind 12
  57. Rooks Yard, my place, making music.....
  58. Oswaldo Von Schnoobenstein and the Deepmind 12