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  1. For Technical and/or Warranty Support...
  2. BEHRINGER X32 Tech Talk Series
  3. X32 Android App
  4. X32AutoGain
  5. X18 Ship Date
  6. New Midas or New version of X32
  7. Protools issue with v 2.0???
  8. X32 Best Practices
  9. Can use S16 Phone jack for an IEM mix/Phones ?
  10. x32 Back Order
  11. Is there an inexpensive solution to in-ear monitoring?
  12. Aes ebu
  13. iPad app is SEVERAL months away!?? %#*#*#+#* that!
  14. X32 Core and Midas DL251
  15. Firmware X32 V2.02
  16. Patience everyone!
  17. X32 running in 44.1 or 48k for live work?????
  18. IPhone tray
  19. Wireless Audio Transmitters/ Receivers for remote zones
  20. Assigning Encoders and Buttons via X32 Edit to the X32 Core
  21. Bluestacks, Mixing Station and the X32Rack
  22. weak signal from X-UAF[USB] to my DAW
  23. Yet Another X32 Console Sharing Question
  24. How do you travel with your p16m units / p16m label templates?
  25. V2.02 Routing With Two X32 Racks
  26. Tracktion 5 issue
  27. Will there be a Midas M32 compact or Producer/Rack..??????
  28. X32Edit direct connection to Computer (Win7)
  29. 2 X32 racks for IEM patching
  30. X-USB Multi Track Tap points??????..
  31. New router not finding X32
  32. What would you do in this situation?
  33. Compressor on Monitor output - is it possible?
  34. Two pairs of monitor speakers - how to?
  35. USB Cable recommendations by Behringer?
  36. Belkin router does not work with Android phone?
  37. X32 Rack and Mix Manual
  38. Best practice to transfer scenes from X32 Compact to X32 Core and back
  39. Pro Tools routing help with x32 Compact
  40. Question about assignable controls section
  41. X32 first live use
  42. Basic help regarding Android / Bluestacks / Mixing Station / X32
  43. do I need to use crossover with x32?
  44. Best Practice? Use MUTE or CHANNEL OFF?
  45. Headamp control of S16 "behind" X32 Core with v2.0x
  46. Bought a new X32 on 03/27/2014, date code says 1211, got couple concerns
  47. HELP - I need to know how many rack spaces the x32 producer has?
  48. Let's talk X32 rack w/ BCF2000 again..
  49. Ver 2.0 and up dose it work with the iPad app thats out now ?
  50. Might want to avoid Belkin router
  51. Difference between Gain/Preamp/Trim and Preamp Controls
  52. Ipad remote app on "old" ipad series one
  53. X32 Producer rack options
  54. Cheap Tablet For Mixing Station
  55. A list of 1st's
  56. IP settings of router
  57. Bus confusion
  58. 1, 2, 3 We all work together now
  59. Gate Key Listen
  60. L+R Master Level
  61. Inserts
  62. Anyone had X-UF card playback dropping out
  63. Paired channel sends
  64. Unexpected Functionality - 5.1 surround output with FCPX
  65. X32, foot pedals and midi (Fully working Softstep! YAY!)...
  66. dbx DriveRack PA+ or crossover with x32 ?
  67. Channel safe settings and EXPORT SHOW....OS1.15 and X-Edit1.20
  68. Scary thing this morning
  69. Stereo reverb?
  70. sort of part of the family!
  71. X32 Rack - Simple setup
  72. Using Shure SM7b with X32 preamp
  73. X32Core + X32-Edit - multiple faderboxes ?
  74. HELP with X32 V2.02 in X32-Edit and Logic Pro X...
  75. Any word on when the ADAT card will be available?
  76. V2.02 difference between load/save settings and load/save scene
  77. Is it safe to update yet? (v2)
  78. Headphones issue
  79. When? Oh When?
  80. Shure beta 87A
  81. Setup Question - 2 S16 and 2 x32 desks on Monitor & FOH
  82. Unexplained noise/tone on output
  83. Best way to set up an Aix (Matrix) fed sub?
  84. An absolute morons (stickied) guide to network setup.
  85. Scribble Strip Display Data
  86. Setting up the X33 as a midi/hui controller
  87. X32 & S16 Connection options
  88. Any news about the IPAD X-Mix
  89. Successful connection to High School X32 from my office!
  90. How durable are the faders?
  91. Sends on faders not reflected on remote BCF2000
  92. BCF2000_Emulation_modes-x32.jpg
  93. Community no more
  94. FX 1-4 as insert
  95. No Uli No Santa
  96. What Effect use in x32
  97. Recording with Reaper
  98. Can the M/C bus be configured as post LR?
  99. Signal Chain Issues..... It seems slow so I figured I'd ask..
  100. Recording issue
  101. Wireless mic level low
  102. Newbie - basic question
  103. Usb flash question
  104. Andriod, Mixing Station, and set top boxes
  105. "Timer Resolution" - app for latency reduction?
  106. Is there a software-method to loop signals coming from USB back to a DAW ?
  107. P16 iem fx
  108. X32-Q for android?
  109. Ordered the DANTE card...
  110. Assigning "pure" Bus Sends to Mute Groups not possible?
  111. Efx diluted in V2.X?
  112. X32 Expansion questions
  113. Recording from 2 Consoles to one computer
  114. New ultradrive?
  115. Behringer’s 3 year Warranty warning
  116. Channel Presets Name Prefixes
  117. High Impedance Mic Pres
  118. Disconnect on scene save
  119. Firmware update from 1.5 to 2.xx
  120. X32 Rack X-USB Card Out - No joy on 17-32?
  121. Matrix #7
  122. USB Flash Drive - SanDisk Cruzer Fit 64GB
  123. HA Split Bug / unexpected results FW2.02
  124. Anyone Using Ducking on FX?
  125. Favorite FX
  126. Can you have separate sends on faders eq, dynamics, gating per channel
  127. Possible New Device to Remotly Control the X32 Family.
  128. Temolo/Panner (v1.15)
  129. Midi recall of snippits and cues (v2.02)
  130. x32mix interface bug: faders on other layers will auto move if finger is held down.
  131. easy way to set up BCF2000 + X32core \ Rack setup
  132. Experience of Wlan router road worthiness
  133. Metering points
  134. Long USB Recording results in Zero KB Wave File
  135. X32 Surface
  136. X-UF / X-USB Control Panel, detecting dropouts
  137. Only one Ethernet connection at a time with X32 Rack and Mac Pro?
  138. X32 Gloss Black Finish...why??
  139. X32 Core as monitor mixer
  140. Question about using X32 as an onstage monitor console.
  141. thanks behringer
  142. X32-Edit V2 is awailable for download
  143. Firmware 2.04 is on the website, but the link is dead
  144. How to save a show to a USB flash drive in v2.02 for backup?
  145. Link for FW 2.04 release notes
  146. X32-edit v2 library handling from v1.2
  147. X32 Firmware V2.04 and X32-Edit V2 Bug Report
  148. How to load a show from USB?
  149. X32-Rack and rta in eq-view
  150. Channel source load from another scene
  151. Channel/icon name visible on fx inserts?
  152. Blue diamond "key signal indicator" not in X32-Edit?
  153. Consolidated list of features added in firmware Version 2.01 to 2.04
  154. Add access to Assign Buttons 5 thru 8 on X32 Rack
  155. Analysis of 2.04 upgrade on plate reverb
  156. Best way to use Reverbs/Delays as inserts?
  157. Analysis of 2.04 upgrade on plate reverb (repost)
  158. Question about the new Mix parameter in channel compressor pages
  159. core screen
  160. how do i get the x32 assign buttons to control reaper (stop play record)
  161. X32-Mix 2.20 04/25/14
  162. Ipad app - word of warning
  163. New Firmware/iPad compatibility
  164. X32 sluggish fader
  165. V2.04 Upgrade Report (X32 Rack Perspective)
  166. Requesting update for OSC and MIDI implementation docs
  167. Scenes in new 2.04
  168. X32 Rack refusing to update
  169. A little brown-nosing…..but totally justified
  170. do we have to convert old scene files from 1.15 to 2.04?
  171. Multiple effects on a channel?
  172. Backward/forward compatibility
  173. Updated firmware lost all scenes
  174. iPad 1 Now Defunct ?
  175. Reloading old ipad x32 mix app
  176. Shutdown meun
  177. Scene from 1.15 wont load on 2.04
  178. Setting Permissions In X32 Mix 2.1.4
  179. X32 Rack Midi Ports as Midi Interface
  180. Best way to use Big X32 as a monitor desk. Pre or Post? Tips?
  181. USB thumb drive problem. Anyone else?
  182. Question about X-USB vs X-UF card
  183. x32 Rack Backorder Status
  184. Multiband comp in v2.04 ?
  185. what are you using to connect CD, PC, MP3 players to the X32? 1/4", RCA or XLR
  186. Behringer P1 currently available @ Amazon
  187. thanks- talkback
  188. Room tuning(analysis) with RTA and Pink noise
  189. X32 + 2 s16s + ADA8200 ----> How to connect them all?
  190. I want my x32 iPad version rolled back to version 2.1.2 can someone please help.
  191. Distortion sound when played back
  192. Again a routing question....
  193. Cues and Param safes
  194. USB-Stick recommendation?
  195. recording and vst host again...
  196. 2.0 and Pan control on iPad/Ios in Buses...
  197. Interesting EQ screen shot from X32 brochure, anybody knows what is it?
  198. Gain Structure question.
  199. X32-Edit Debug modus ?
  200. NEKKST K8 Monitors and the X32 Ultranet
  201. Fx Rack Insert Fx1-4 and 5-8 different?
  202. iPad 1 no longer supported
  203. X32 edit Losing Connection
  204. Just for fun; check out this X32 in action
  205. Well that did not go well. I missed something big in our upgrade to 2.04
  206. Airport express and x32
  207. X32 Rack as Stagebox
  208. Safe shutdown button
  209. X32 Headphone output mono only + some glitches
  210. Cues, what are they and how do you delete a line?
  211. x32 edit v2.0 for windows xp IS NOT READY FOR PRIME TIME!
  212. tip for V2 and V1.15 users: use both versions of X-edit :)
  213. How to create an 'assign' snippet ?
  214. Can I double patch the channel input
  215. How to load 'channel sources' - there is no snippet...
  216. Recording from X32 to Reaper low signal
  217. small (so far) unwritten changes since V2
  218. Mono bus vs. M/C Fader
  219. Rotating speaker insert
  220. Hey! Am back.
  221. This is nice to know
  222. The Core and V2.04
  223. X32 in Sunlight
  224. Huge kudos to Zac at Behringer tech support!
  225. Webinar today
  226. updating
  227. X32 Rack and the ADA8200 together
  228. Forum Attachments are working once again!
  229. Unofficial X32 Scenes Webinar May 7, 2014
  230. X32 Routing for FOH and Live Webcast
  231. Snippets
  232. Accuracy of built in RTA
  233. Re routing monitor out on X32 Rack
  234. iPad and iPad app won't stay connected
  235. help with loading show files please
  236. stereo compression plugin question
  237. Maybe a Bug at XEdit window Dual Fair Compressor
  238. Virtual Sound check pass thru Waves Multirack
  239. Show Naming in Scenes
  240. Need another X32 Rack
  241. X32 to Core Routing
  242. X32 Safe Shutdown on X32???
  243. X32 with Ipad
  244. Using magnetic tape on X32 producer
  245. Snippets and DCA issue
  246. Data Cable
  247. Expander options
  248. DEQ2496 and the X32
  249. Just updated - Successfully
  250. Effects Return