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  1. X32 Feature Request and Issue Reporting Thread
  2. Give your best guess on V2 firmware
  3. Allow for card to act as inserts
  4. addition to x32 family
  5. Preview mode, I/O identification, default channels setting, configurable mute groups.
  6. iX16 as remote control
  7. Enhanced support for multiple connected x32
  8. Viewing source of a routing re patch.
  9. multiple inserts on L/R master
  10. What is this new X32 model coming to NAMM 2014? Your guess?
  11. Add midi thru on x32
  12. Enhanced resolution on parameters
  13. Way to turn off or dim x32 screen.
  14. X32-Edit
  15. after lots of shows with the x32rack, suggestions for gain/solo/mutes/popup windows.
  16. Spawn multiple instances of the ipad remote app
  17. CAT5 spool
  18. Main fader lock
  19. Headamp automatic compensation
  20. New EQ FX idea
  21. X32 Mix linked bus pan
  22. X32 Rack Updates
  23. Computer connected
  24. Ease of recalling presets and display
  25. Auto align mics, ajusting the delay automatically during setup (or dynamically live)
  26. Frequency spectrum analysis as background to the parametric EQ (during setup)
  27. Presentation mode on Ipad app
  28. X32 Extenders
  29. Make Safe Shutdown stop the USB recorder also
  30. for the people that are wanting a computer control without needing a computer
  31. Keyboard shortcuts in X-edit
  32. Pan control for x32-MIX
  33. Master Fader On All Screens
  34. Linking more than 2 channels
  35. Make USB player also play MP3
  36. Pre fader post EQ but Pre dynamics
  37. Digital gain on the s16
  38. Adding adat<-->ultranet swap to the s16
  39. Stereo channels on single fader??
  40. separate busses ( extra) for effects sends
  41. soloing aux ins
  42. Tap Delay external control
  43. Firmware updates should have confirmation message
  44. Gate/Duck on MixBus and Aux In
  45. Eq on the monitor bus
  46. outs routing to the card!
  47. V2.0 your top 10 hopes!
  48. Flashing/Blinking "Sends On Fader" Button option
  49. Monitor Mix Copy
  50. FX Rack mode for the rack version
  51. different FX's
  52. monitoring / solos
  53. Presets on iPad
  54. Combine talk a/b on ipad
  55. Access Control/User Levels
  56. Monitoring/Solo & Talkback on ipad
  57. Matrix Sends on Faders
  58. Library Presets Copy and Paste
  59. Monitor engineer request: mode to view mutes in sends on fader
  60. X-Edit export
  61. Feature Requests Based on Competitive Analysis
  62. Option For An Engineers Strip
  63. Copy eft/right side of Graphic Eq
  64. Reassigned inputs have no direct out
  65. Mix busses and linking....
  66. No Stereo when linking two Mix Busses together and sending them to Analog Out 1/2
  67. Improving iPad responsiveness
  68. Linking channels on ipad
  69. X32 Rack talkback input used as another channel input & other requests
  70. Password to unlock Console
  71. xedit - core anomolies
  72. v3.0
  73. User assignable controls on iPad
  74. X32 Rack Remote Control Surface
  75. anyone else watching the Namm countdown?
  76. 2.x Hopes
  77. V2: still no custom layers? + My basic top ten
  78. Multi band comp
  79. ipad v2
  80. Parallell compression
  81. Feature request, Effects section
  82. Sample rate
  83. P1u
  84. "Card Output" follows "Home" assignment option
  85. V2 enhance new fx
  86. V2 rta
  87. 1.15 libraries compatible to V 2.0 beta?
  88. Tap delay with selectable number of repeats
  89. Differents between v2Beta and final Release
  90. My top 3... and others.
  91. Solo follows select during sends on fader mix selection on iPad
  92. "Card Out 33-48"
  93. EQ in monitor path for use in OB Van
  94. Tap Button for Delay on Home Screen
  95. Boost USB recorder to 4 channels
  96. Initialize console
  97. X-ADAT able to sync to external video black burst signal?
  98. some ideas for the ipad app for x32
  99. Dual motorized faders
  100. copy/paste
  101. Various Feature Requests
  102. X64
  103. S32 I/O Box
  104. Usb, rack and bus
  105. 3 new features that will change the x32
  106. user assignable buttons - post/ prefader monitoring
  107. Ignore power save
  108. Combinator
  109. 2.01 Snippets idea/request
  110. Beta release of X32-Edit is needed!
  111. More input options for Matrix mixes
  112. Link of inputs
  113. Please let us play MP3s in the USB-player!
  114. Dual Mono Delay
  115. Split HA -> split metering
  116. Wireless P1 BodyPack in future?
  117. Lock Screen Logo
  118. Dynamic Delay
  119. Copy/paste a mix
  120. V2 - channel inserts bug?
  121. V2 - snippets dca mute bug
  122. External Sync and stereo faders
  123. Channel gate/comp order
  124. X32 Rack as System controller hub?
  125. low pass filter on guitar amp modulation
  126. New expansion card requests.
  127. Must....have.... delay & phase!
  128. Fader 0db detent
  129. Product request - P16-M with scribble strips
  130. Minor bug in saving snippets
  131. undo button
  132. X32 q
  133. X-32 and SMAART EAW
  134. MCA's on X32 Console
  135. Bus name follows Graphic EQ insert
  136. VGA or even RCA composite video out to mirror console LCD
  137. Trigger Audio Playback in scenes/cues
  138. Crossfade Between Scenes/Cues
  139. Channel "Hold down" feature
  140. Pre-EQ Send Tap
  141. Key Listen feature on gate and compressor
  142. Optional faceplate for S16
  143. Gain/Mic Preamp in assing knobs
  144. Auto-tune, pitch correction in effects rack
  145. RTA disabling
  146. Midi program change numbers for scenes and snippets and midi echo
  147. P16-D Rackmount Kit
  148. DCA muting
  149. After Fader Meter
  150. Edit and Delete option on USB record.
  151. Matrix mix assign channels with sends on fader
  152. RED and GREEN Tally via AES50 and S16
  153. Cue Selection
  154. Add Ultranet Out to Routing Screen
  155. Linking channels changes scribble strip...
  156. Middle/Centre Channel eq cross-over filters
  157. X-UF/USB Card improvements
  158. channel 1 to 24 under fingers
  159. Just a Suggestion
  160. Post Fader Insert Points
  161. S16 output delay
  162. vertical channel links or alternate linking functionality
  163. Indicate space available on USB during record
  164. P16-M with displays
  165. Periodic file save for USB recorder
  166. X32 Producer Firmware request.
  167. iem work with talk back
  168. X-MIX Recording tab level slider.
  169. S16 unit with Line Inputs
  170. any word on the multitrack recorder card
  171. "Console Lock" in the X32 MIX app
  172. Talkback through X32-MIX app.
  173. phase
  174. How much do you want for $3000
  175. Bus Lcd strips - big Ch, small bus
  176. GEQ on all Faders
  177. Scribble Strips Cached in X32 Edit
  178. Gate and Duck...
  179. Problem FX "Vintage Room"
  180. Feature Request: List channels by scribble strip
  181. X32 USER LAYER First of all!!!
  182. Automatic Fade with Variable Time Selection
  183. Keyed VCA/DCA
  184. User-defined locked mode
  185. OSC Enhancements for tighter application integration
  186. USB recording format change please!
  187. direct streaming - IP
  188. Option to unlink faders on paired channels
  189. Automixer or Post Fade Inserts
  190. channel dynamic snippets (the new ones in 2.0)
  191. Toggle Mix Bus EQ Bands from Parametric to Graphic
  192. X32 Effects section
  193. A quick way to switch between card input and XLR input
  194. Skip pan on paste or preset recall to linked pairs?
  195. Access "Assign Buttons 5 thru 8" on X32Rack
  196. X32 Edit ability to make window larger
  197. Reset Channel to default and on X-edit a INSERT Chanell function
  198. Global Scribble Strip "graphics change" requested
  199. X32 Core EXPORT Show
  200. Copy mix sends / selecting a mix in sends on fader in ipad switches cue
  201. re-write xedit
  202. linking multiple x32s to get the sum of their ins and outs
  203. full backup
  204. X32-Edit "Skin color selection" requested
  205. Smartphone audio input near phone rest
  206. Delay on Aux Out
  207. Drop snakes anyone?
  208. Save preamps in a snippet
  209. Lock Mutes Function Change on X-32 Mix App
  210. panoramique etc...
  211. X32, Ipad and X32 edit do not All Show same Settings
  212. Remove "Public beta" from the X32-Edit v.2.00 application
  213. Customize Label of Custom Buttons and Encoder
  214. MATRIX outs with a DELAY or p16 Outputs
  215. 8 input blocks which can be routed to 32 channels
  216. Switch off outputs of AES50A,B, XLR, Card, Aux Out buss
  217. Startup LOCK
  218. GEQ bypass and pink noise
  219. Please separate Fader and Pan setting in Snippets
  220. Library Options
  221. Bus Pre-Configuration Change Requested
  222. Increase OSC /xremote subscribtions
  223. Multiple inserts
  224. Move one channel and slide the other ones
  225. Offline mixing (using X32-Edit or a DAW)
  226. 48 Channel X32 Mixer
  227. X32 Mix app - pan controls on send
  228. Developing individual Tap Points for each channel for recording fx purposes
  229. Half size stage box
  230. Disable auto panning
  231. DHCP with Bonjour/UPNP support
  232. Some big problems using xedit and x32 console, please help
  233. html5 app
  234. increase output delay knob resolution on x32mix app
  235. Auto advance of files in m3u list on stick via a footswitch
  236. Ability to route P16 sends to inputs between X32's
  237. Using X32 Rack as a Zone Control
  238. S16 & Rack with Euro Blocks?
  239. RockNet expansion card
  240. iOS8 was just announced
  241. X32-Mix v 2.3???
  242. Assignable Library
  243. Zero kilobyte (0kb) scene files on X32 console
  244. Feature Request: Flexible Routing?
  245. Assignable parameter button for FX on the X32 Mix app
  246. A few things I would love to see
  247. X32-Mix Lock Sends on fader
  248. dBFS meters on X-32 Mix app
  249. Assignable Use in X32
  250. X32 lock at startup