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  3. Power issue
  4. NEUTRON firmware version 1.2.6 released
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  11. Velocity to CV is basically useless!
  12. default OSCs volume in the filter
  13. I keep getting errors when trying to register my Neutron
  14. No MIDI-Out from Reaper after updating firmware
  15. pulsating lights under 'octave'
  16. Midi CC 64 produces undocumented result. Badly implemented feature?
  17. Issues On Startup
  18. Oscillator strangeness.
  19. All the lights of the of the octave go on
  20. LFO bleed into VCO pitch
  21. win10 firmware updater issue
  22. Sick Neutron?
  23. lfo section not responding-
  24. Behringer Registration Page Doesn't Work (I'm Registering my Neutron Here)
  25. Default Patch Waves are Distorted.
  26. Mistakes in user manual P 17
  27. Noisy Drive Pot
  28. Neutron App not finding Neutron Synth via USB
  29. Any experiences with the new Firmware 2.0?
  30. Factory reset Firmware 2.0
  31. v2.0 LFO One shot not working usefully for Saw or Square
  32. Hanging notes in Poly Chain mode with Yamaha Reface CS.
  33. Paraphonic mode in 2.0.0
  34. Update driver issue needs addressing
  35. Tune Pot Bypass: Half step too low
  36. Firmware 2.0.0 upgrade fails to communicate
  37. Where to find "DFU" for OS X Software Update?
  38. Weird USB/MIDI-CV interaction - Hidden transpose function
  39. how to update Euroracked Neutron
  40. Distortion from LFO when shape knob is set to extreme clockwise
  41. URGENT!!! Strange MIDI behaviour in Poly Chain mode.
  42. Turning on...
  43. Only 1 day of joy, LFO missing in action