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  1. Looking forward to this
  2. Pitch CV options?
  3. New Synthesizer Design
  4. Patch bay
  5. Assign out calibration issue
  6. Feature requests:
  7. A few niggles
  8. Feature requests still not working...
  9. NEUTRON firmware version 1.2.6 released
  10. enveloping the Noise?
  11. delay
  12. Independent Envelope for 2nd Osc
  13. You can drive a spring reverb tank w/ Neutronís headphones out
  14. How many USB ports on the computer? USB HUB?
  15. MIDI out via USB
  16. BitWig (8-Track) DAW with MIDI Kybd routing to Neutron via UMC404HD
  17. Is it possible to get better enveloper in the next firmware?
  18. Oscillator CV: How do you use it?
  19. Patch request/sharing thread!
  20. Poly Chain
  21. Controller fo Neutron
  22. Is the DC/DC converter on board of the Neutron unit or located on the back panel pcb?
  23. Latest firmware sticky post...
  24. MaxForLive plugin version of the Neutron app + patch memo
  25. Slew Limiter - Slope?
  26. Gate issue?