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  1. 3rd Party Apps for X AIR
  2. Bome's midi translator and OSC Sysex
  3. X-Air Live Toolbox
  4. Pure Data midi to OSC
  5. XR18 Recording MIXTOOLS
  6. Midi foot switch solution and a new friend
  7. X-Air Scene Parser
  8. OSC - Log or Lin Float Clarifications
  9. Rackmount Ears for XR18???
  10. Controlling the XR18 with Korg nanoKontrol2
  11. X Air iEQ (by StrongSoft)
  12. X Air FMP Remote (by StrongSoft)
  13. Mixing Station X Air
  14. X Air OSC Utilities
  15. MOXAir for Mac (MIDI to OSC X-Air Bridge)
  16. Custom MIDI control of X AIR and X32 Family
  17. DIY WiFi/MIDI Remote control box for X-AIR: WORKING!
  18. XAir MIDI-OSC and MIDI-sysexOSC utilities
  19. Purpose of the X-Air 3rd Party Resources Section
  20. OnSong MIDI Control and X-Air
  21. Strings in /formatsubscribe OSC-blob
  22. MIDI control codes for effects
  23. Mixing Station Backup
  24. Mixing Station - Share Your Layout
  25. XAir-Midi-OSC-BASH-Utlities ver. 0.2 with Tap Tempo, programs, setlists, Snaps, etc..
  26. Mixing Station FX Presets
  27. Web or VNC-based Control...
  28. Removing FX Feedback Loops
  29. X Air iPhone and iPad Third Party App
  30. Easy Multitrack Recording Solution
  31. A Single Midi Mute Switch
  32. Audio File Analyser (free download) to detect possible USB playback issues on XR12
  33. Python example for controlling a fader with a MIDI controller
  34. Mixing Station Tips, Tricks and Tutorials (X-Air)
  35. XR18, Raspberry Pi, Linux, volumio, Stream audio over wifi +++
  36. xr18 question
  37. Mixing station IDCA and linked faders
  38. Mixing Station Feature Requests
  39. X-touch XR18 with matching screens in X-air edit on Raspberry Pi
  40. Best iPhone app for Xair??
  41. SIG (signal generator) by StrongSoft - now available in the App Store
  42. Mixing Station Pro XAIR
  43. Combining Aux & LR in icda in mixing station
  44. Needing some help with muting buses
  45. X air to ipad looper app?
  46. Control XR18 L/R volume with midi cc 31 from Main Stage
  47. MixingStation Pro control Auria Pro transport controls?
  48. No connection to X18 with Mixing Station
  49. ShowControlPro (by StrongSoft Limited)