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  2. New Owner
  3. Deepmind 12D Controller #7 Volume to Controller #11 Expression is this possible??
  4. UPDATE: Firmware 1.1.1 Officially Released for DEEPMIND 12D
  5. Panning weirdness
  6. Can we get a Model D forum created?
  7. Deepmind 12D manual.
  8. SysEx-Dump into Logic not possible?
  9. UPDATE: DEEPMIND 12D Software/App V1.0.4 now available for download
  10. UPDATE: Firmware 1.1.2 Officially Released for DEEPMIND 12D
  11. Deepmind 12D specifications needed
  12. Using DeepMind 12/12D with Wind controler
  13. V1.1.2 update is actually V1.1.1 ???
  14. How do I get this thing to work with a USB midi controller?