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  1. voicelive play - screen reversed
  2. VoiceLive Play - Preset With No Guitar Effects
  3. Distortion on audio over AUX in
  4. VoiceLive GTX - pink floyd comfortably numb preset - enjoy
  5. Using alternative reference pitch
  6. Feature Request - Voicelive Play
  7. Gain knob on Voicelive Play GTX
  8. Correct output MIX levels and Preset FX levels for gig, sending DRY and WET (lead mut
  9. Harmony output only
  10. Blue lights stuck on
  11. Harmony generation via aux from guitar pedal headphone output
  12. Roomsense - VoiceLive Play GTX
  13. Single Footswitch for VLP
  14. VoiceLive Play: 2 Quick Questions
  15. Overview of select-able settings and their results
  16. VoiceLive Play GTX and a bass guitar?
  17. Voicelive Play GTX - LoCut
  18. My VoiceLive Play's output isn't working
  19. Voice Support: Difference between "Apply Changes" & "Send Setup"?
  20. Whether or not to upgrade to VL3
  21. GTX Editor
  22. Mono Output - Wet signal from both
  23. Any way to use GTX as plug-in with a DAW?
  24. 60's psychedelic echo effects with VoiceLive Play...
  25. Voicelive Play with wireless microphone?
  26. Guitar & Headphone Cable be used as a voice effects in-ear monitor?
  27. how to use voicesupport offline
  28. Generating backing vocals while NOT singing melody - possible?
  29. Pedal and Fixed harmony for the GTX?
  30. Bit crusher, chiptune, videogame effect on Voicelive Play GTX
  31. VoiceLive Play GTX: Selecting and using presets-not staying on selected preset
  32. VoiceLive Play GTX: Selecting and using presets-not staying on selected preset
  33. Tool Request
  34. Kudos for new "less bright" setting in firmware
  35. Noise gate on voicelive Play
  36. More echo after tuning guitar
  37. Any chance of GTX Guitar fx upgrade?
  38. VoiceLive Play or VoiceTone Harmony GTX?
  39. Guitar Compression?
  40. What? VL Play Acoustic? Wow!
  41. Mains hum when using GTX with external effects
  42. Live setup - Dry signal with harmonies to FOH, wet signal to IEM's
  43. GTX as an amp modeler?
  44. VoiceLive Play GTX - LCD Problem
  45. Adaptive Tone
  46. VLP GTX and Switch 3
  47. SWITCH-3 MOMENT ON reverses if held when changing patch
  48. For a singer - Voicelive Play "Vs" GTX
  49. VoiceLive Play GTX - LCD and buttons continuously flash
  50. Play Acoustic v Voiceplay Live GTX
  51. Voice Support
  52. Voice Live Play
  53. VLP GTX and Guitar stereo output
  54. New VoicePlay GTX
  55. Feature Request
  56. VoiceLive Play GTX - Beta Firmware 1.2.10 Build 60
  57. Play acoustic body rez effect
  58. Can Voicelive Play GTX receive tempo information via MIDI?
  59. GTX Hissing/Static/Noise when plugged in
  60. Nova system, midi moose & GTX, I want to buy it! help
  61. VLP GTX Master Volume for the headphone out?
  62. Play Acoustic Looper Volume
  63. VLP GTX USB Recording - Yes!!!
  64. Play Acoustic - A Guitar Duo Performers Point of View
  65. Switch 3 or midi foot switch
  66. PLAY Electric!
  67. Switch 3 - On/Off Indicator on VLP GTX Screen
  68. Play Electric comparisons
  69. Suggestion: Play Electric Mk. II with MIDI for live control
  70. In ear monitors
  71. Voicelive Play Setup Question
  72. Play Electric,.... I got it today!
  73. Voice Live Play default FX edit page and routing filter styles
  74. VLP GTX vs Play Acoustic vs VL3- seeking suggestions for best choice
  75. Aux In - Tracks or Live?
  76. Global Key/Tempo - How they work and where to use
  77. Changing VPL GTX guitar fx style name - What do AmpSims do? - Amp and FX loop pre/pos
  78. How to set Genre
  79. Output volume
  80. Is the VoiceLive Play Electric available for sale? If yes, where?
  81. Play Acoustic Looper Demo Video
  82. What's the best "Play" product for my performance needs?
  83. No Play Electric to select to Register Product
  84. Voice Live Play - The Strokes sound
  85. Play acoustic into play Gtx
  86. Play Acoustic Suggestion: Guitar Stereo Imager
  87. Interaction between PITCH COR AMT and the Hard Tunes
  88. VoiceLive Play GTX: Delay and Reverb only for Vox
  89. New presets
  90. Huge Play Acoustic Problem Being Ignored
  91. VLP GTX: Does "GUITAR" dB setting affect NP chord recognition?
  92. Play Acoustic Background Hum
  93. User Demos and Examples for VL and Play Series products
  94. Blue Screen Play Acoustic
  95. My big playacoustic question?
  96. Play Electric Video Manual
  97. VLP GTX Connection to a guitar amp
  98. Play Electric vs. GTX
  99. Play Acoustic - mic to headphone?
  100. Play Acoustic and Play Electric Video Manuals
  101. Play Acoustic Looper quantized?
  102. Headphone dry/wet question
  103. Gender Selection for harmony voice on Play Acoustic
  104. Question about the Play Acoustic outputs
  105. Practice feature... anyone using it?
  106. Play Acoustic doubling the guitar sound
  107. Harmony Vocals with or without guitar
  108. VoiceLive Play vs Play Electric: Vocal Sound Quality differences?
  109. Dumb it down for me, how to hook everything up
  110. Any chance of the Portamento and Humanization controls being added to the VoiceLive P
  111. Play Acoustic - Beta Firmware 1.0.03 Available for Testing
  112. Craig, any reason the momentary vs. latch couldn't be set per switch on the Switch 3?
  113. USB multitrack recording
  114. Running SAX and VOX through Play Electric
  115. Editing tool for VoiceLive Play
  116. VLP GTX: feedback in TALK mode
  117. Voicelive play aux in question
  118. Voicelive play Changing keys minor to major
  119. Best starter preset...please help
  120. workarounds for Play Acoustic's absence of gtr presets?
  121. Set Lists and Blank Presets
  122. Play Electric Delay Tempo (TAP?)
  123. Soloing Harmony Output For Recordings
  124. Multiple 12 volt power supply
  125. Play Electric - Are the mix levels global or saved with each preset?
  126. Play Acoustic NaturalPlay with Electric Guitar
  127. Weird Harmonies - Fishman 4 Pickup Not Sending Enough Signal?
  128. Voicelive Play isnt recognized as an Audio device in Win 7 64 bit
  129. Play Acoustic "Electric to trigger Play Acoustic?"
  130. Looping with Play Acoustic
  131. Bose L1 compact with Play Acoustic
  132. Voicelive Play isnt recognized as an Audio Device
  133. TC Helicon Play or Acoustiv with clasic Spanish guitar
  134. Best way how to connect Play Eletric with FX150
  135. Guitars, pick-ups, strings
  136. Play Electric: can you independently control guitar & voice effects with HIT footswit
  137. Have a new firmware for Play Electric officially released?
  138. does the switch 6 work with the Play Acoustic (or will it with a future firmware upda
  139. Play Acoustic
  140. Output level
  141. Play acoustic Preset for Guitar with plastic strings
  142. Does the Latest Acoustic Play 1.0.04 firmware contain the pop fix?
  143. Copy PA presets to PE
  144. Play Electric+Acoustic or just Voicelive 3
  145. Beginner PA (or amp) recommendations for Play Acoustic
  146. Play Electric for Acoustic Gigging Musicians
  147. Bodyrez settings in play acoustic
  148. VL Play Electric - Mono/Stereo question
  149. Play Acoustic Feedback issue...
  150. VLP GTX - Natural Play sensing on harmonies
  151. Play GTX vs Play Acoustic - for steel/nylon is the extra 100 worth it?
  152. Is Play Acoustic guitar latency better than Play GTX?
  153. Play Acoustic Guitar tuner issues
  154. PlayAcoustic Guitar Sound Issue
  155. Play Acoustic BodyRez settings always wiped out on power-down
  156. Deleting presets? Play GTX
  157. reverb
  158. Roomsense
  159. Play Electric cutting out, Also guitar FX issue
  160. Funny indication
  161. Delay tempos
  162. Play Electric- Short demo
  163. Voicelive Play loop volume adjust?
  164. Two Play Electric videos...for those interested.
  165. VoiceLive 3 Looper
  166. Will you Add Synth to Play Acoustic? Please Do.
  167. Play Acoustic Preset Question
  168. DC Power for Play Acoustic
  169. Problem with low e string hum thru tc play acoustic - suggestions? Help!!
  170. Tips to setup play acoustic properly for optimum sound (mix and setup tweaks)?
  171. Which play acoustic presets do you use?
  172. Voicelive Play GTX Harmony Freakout
  173. Play Electric - 1/8" Aux Input Monitor - XLR Adaptor type?
  174. Play Electric - MIDI over USB
  175. Voicelive Play Footswitch
  176. Where do I find Firmware updates for the Play Acoustic?
  177. Play Electric build .23 question
  178. .23 Firmware MISS
  179. Play Electric as a Windows USB Audio Interface
  180. Toneprints on Play electric in the future?
  181. Which In-Ear Headphones to choose!?
  182. Humanize and Portamento suggestions for the Play Electric
  183. Switch to next preset Voicelive Play GTX
  184. VLX preset list of 500 mega pack
  185. Disappointing signal output level from PE - Sorted :-)
  186. Play Acoustic firmware 1.1.00 Build 27 now available
  187. Play Electric - Headphone Monitoring Questions
  188. Idea for Custom Switch "2/1"
  189. Switch-3: Question about controllable parameters
  190. Play Acoustic Outputs
  191. Delay pedal with my Acoustic Play
  192. Guitar/Keyboard Rotary Effect
  193. Cable for Switch-3
  194. Guitar octave on Play Electric
  195. Strange Play Electric Issue
  196. Whats the biggest delay you can set?
  197. About the PA, PE pop issue, read this:
  198. Taylor 522e ES2 thru FX150 & TC Play Acoustic - help
  199. Feature Request - Play Electric Monitor/Headphone Options
  200. Switch-3 advice
  201. Voicelive Play GTX with Play Acoustic preset ?
  202. Play Electric Tap Tempo keeps on
  203. Play GTX: how do you manage your user presets?
  204. Low frequency data noise in delay on vocal channel
  205. Voicelive Play or Voicelive Play GTX ? Advice needed
  206. Play Acoustic Hit Switch
  207. Play Acoustic output very soft
  208. 9V Power For Play Acoustic?
  209. Question on guitar settings in Play Acoustic
  210. "True-bypassing" a Voicelive
  211. Voicelive play - harmony question
  212. GTX + Switch3 owners: do your loops click randomly? (Resolved)
  213. Holiday Promotion for VoiceLive Play
  214. Voicelive Play setting for - Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd
  215. "Play" series settings Masterclass please
  216. Switch 3 Mod. Keep your feet on the floor!
  217. Dual male XLR to Dual female XLR??
  218. A Few Play Acoustic Settings Questions
  219. Play Acoustic change my store Track Tempo
  220. VoiceLive Play GTX - Blank Blue Screen
  221. Preset Compatibility with other Models? (GTX -> Electric -> VL3)
  222. Total Voice Sound problems after using Harp :(
  223. Getting a male voice to emulate a female voice
  224. Preset list
  225. Pops are back
  226. Is there a new firmware coming out for the play electric.
  227. Play Acoustic w/ other effect pedals
  228. Voicelive Play Electric VS play GTX (vocal part)
  229. Play Acoustic & Fishman SoloAmp EQ settings
  230. Play Acoustic with other pedals.
  231. Play Electric / Play GTX Factory Bank
  232. Play Acoustic Aux Volume
  233. Play Live GTX Sysex
  234. Switch 6 on Play Electric
  235. What happened to my tuner?
  236. Play Acoustic with Ed Sheeran style slapping with palm muting
  237. harmony not working correctly - play acoustic
  238. Tc Helicon Play Electric: why no love for phaser?
  239. Play Acoustic Guitar Patches
  240. Play Electric: Expression Pedal
  241. Uses a talk mode, harmony is heard and heard the sound mixer
  242. Cannot update firmware PlayGTX - no TC device found
  243. Treble trouble (Play GTX)
  244. Play Electric Guitar Boost Not Working
  245. Play Electric Guitar Boost Not Working
  246. own presets
  247. conect a single momentary foot switch for effects on/off
  248. How to input P.Electric to mixerboard
  249. Which direct box to use with the Play Electric
  250. Black Keys Tighten Up voice effect??