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  1. RTP-MIDI / Wifi: DM12 does not show up in DAW
  2. Bug in Forum website
  3. [Fixed in FW V1.0.3] WiFi password lengths
  4. VCA envelope Delay with long attack times
  5. [Fixed with FW update 1.0.3] Higher velocity output on Ab and Bb keys
  6. Conflict with the X32 in USB and the PC Editor
  7. DM12 iPad App - Connection Issue
  8. Visual issue in the DM12 iPad App.
  9. Stuck notes
  10. Determining your DEEPMIND 12 Serial Number
  11. Adjusting DEEPMIND 12 keyboard pad to remedy ‘clacking’ keys sound
  12. UPDATE: Firmware 1.0.3 Released for DEEPMIND 12
  13. Hard Fault Error
  14. Key Trigger Glitch
  15. UPDATE: Editor Software Version 1.0.1 Released!
  16. VCF key follow behavior
  17. Switching Presets with MIDI program change is faster that with +/- buttons on DM12
  18. Mac OS version requirement for Firmware Compatibility
  19. Portamento EXP mode not exponential
  20. Missing modulation destinations in the PC APP
  21. Poor randomness of the S&H waveform
  22. Mod matrix assignment shortcuts triggered by midi in
  23. Dual Pitch effect glitches with long VCA release time
  24. WIFI interference
  25. iPad app bug - Preset Names Not Loading Correctly
  26. Unable to upgrade firmware
  27. VCA Pan mod destination bug
  28. Editor: Incorrect setting of output device when editor is restarted
  29. VCA Envelope Fade in/Fade out Issue + ENV-TRIGGER issue
  30. Crackling distortion with A30 patch
  31. Switch from A34 to A35 causes loud shrieking... [FIXED with firmware 1.0.4]
  32. FX navigation
  33. DM12 iPad App - Effect type name swapped
  34. Had to send back 2 Deepmind 12's
  35. Minor display bugs in calibrator
  36. Cannot Connect Editor to Synth/Settings page is gibberish
  37. B42, FX-SPD1 modulation target 'forgets' input value after setting changes
  38. (Minor) Product Information Document suggests applying the FX to vocals - impossible
  39. Deepmind 12 Volume pedal wont't control Volume
  40. Mod matrix unisson voice -> level of OSC 2 not working correctly
  41. FX Aliasing
  42. PWM slider minimum position not a square wave
  43. Global USB setting not saving
  44. Some oscillators/voices pitching 1 octave too high.
  45. Various PC Editor Bugs/requests (galore)
  46. Unison-Detune values set below 16 doesn't do anything
  47. Pedal/CV problem
  48. New firmware 1.0.4 doesn't seem to have resolved the VCA issue.
  49. Firmware 1.04 - VCA Levels are not shown continously anymore
  50. Can't get the 1.0.4 update to load
  51. DM12 Wifi Client Mode Password - Security Risk
  52. Velocity Sens in VCF section doesn't work in FW 1.04
  53. Crash of the keyboard scanning software
  54. Mod Wheel Behavior
  55. Envelope Seq trigger problem
  56. Bug in effect section
  57. Failing to tune the VCF
  58. LFO speed indicator wrong on S&H and S&G waveforms.
  59. UPDATE: Firmware 1.0.5 Officially Released for DEEPMIND 12!
  60. Patches triggered without keyboard
  61. Paint peeling off mod wheel
  62. UPDATE: DEEPMIND 12 App V1.0.2 now available for download
  63. Reglerfunktion im Abholmodus
  64. Übertragen von Patchparametern
  65. iPad app not connecting!!
  66. Unwanted noise of the DM12
  67. Pop noise?
  68. H94 and other preset crackling noise
  69. SYSEX Files
  70. False sound in deepmind 12
  71. Pitch Wheel help
  72. LFO Square wave incorrect voltages in pitch modulation
  73. Crooked screen
  74. WiFi password not long enough - need DM12 to save more characters.
  75. "Retrofit" keyboard damping for the older DM12 ?
  76. Automation and arp synch issue
  77. Editor won't opeen after a download replacing all H patches
  78. Deepmind 12 rebooting spontaniously
  79. Deepmind 12 App for Windows - Device is not showing up.
  80. Firmware 1.1.0 updater not working on Mac (running Sierra 10.12.5)
  81. Calibration fails
  82. "Improved Support for external MIDI triggers" Not Working
  83. D12 Windows Editor app issues
  84. Firmware 1.1.0: Can't disable chord mode with CHORD button anymore
  85. 1.1 PC app - garbles patchnames and patches
  86. Firmware 1.1.0: Bug when adjusting keyboard range in split
  87. Firmware 1.1.0: Default Program pitchbend values at -22/+22 and inverted
  88. USB MIDI-Thru not working?
  89. Pickup mode editing problem
  90. Arp to midi not working when in local off
  91. Loud keyboard "tock" noise of a black key
  92. Bug in FX Copy/Paste
  93. Editor will change an ARP from UP-DOWN to UP, but not back to UP-DOWN
  94. Unwanted High pitched whining noise
  95. No 5 Pin Din MIDI After Firmware Update on Deepmind 12
  96. Fader and arp patterns issues
  97. DM12 Editor crashes when closing
  98. Double Voice Bug
  99. Fan noise through headphone jack.
  100. Worsening crackles.
  101. DeepMind12 iPad app crashes
  102. Noise Problems?
  103. Output out of balance
  104. MIDI sync?
  105. Patch volume
  106. Synthesizer refusing firmware update
  107. VCF Keytracking Inaccuracy
  108. Deepmind 12 arpeggiator not advancing when attack is very slow
  109. Noise/Hiss From 12D output
  110. Unison Waves Graph disappear (firmware 1.1.2)
  111. UPDATE: DEEPMIND 12 Software/App V1.0.4 now available for download
  112. UPDATE: Firmware 1.1.2 Officially Released for DEEPMIND 12
  113. Middle C Key Has Become Loose
  114. Firmware 1.1.2 fader-values jumpin although catch-mode is on
  115. Windows app issue - crashing alot when selecting patches menu
  116. Further issues with app on win10
  117. Update from 1.1.2 firmware..
  118. MIDI Out Problem
  119. Lfo modulating tone amount in mod matrix
  120. Noise slider affecting unison detune
  121. after FM 1.12 Update, CHORD Modes doesnt work anymore!
  122. Editor on iPad Pro: No section selection from the "Overview" page
  123. Note number to VCA Active not working (mod matrix)
  124. Fully transparent pitch and modulation wheels
  125. Parameters changing automatically
  126. 1.1.2 Sysex File needed
  127. Stuck Arpeggios - Intended? Or Broke?
  128. Keyboard crash continues after cable fix and firmware update
  129. MIDI IN - aftertouch message
  130. MIDI CC automation problem with Ableton Live
  131. Pitch Fadder fault
  132. Noise floor, even with turned down volume
  133. DM12 Editor App - PC Windows Connection Issue
  134. pitch wheel calibration
  135. Pot issue and parameters still changing
  136. DeepMind12 black keys velocity issue firmware v1.1.2
  137. Voice #12 panned hard right