View Full Version : DEEPMIND 12: Feature Requests

  1. Option to copy envelope, fx and mod. matrix settings
  2. An additional 8 Mod Matrix slots
  3. [Added in FW V1.0.3] "Unison Voice Number" mod source
  4. Reset Mod Depth in Modmatrix by hitting YES/NO together
  5. Add T2 FX Algorithms to Deepmind
  6. More Gain on VCA Level
  7. Some propositions
  8. Parameterization of VCA envelope depth
  9. Editor - Search function
  10. Editor - Safety on Save
  11. Adjustable level between the saw and pulse in osc1 or "osc1 saw on/off", "osc1
  12. Wifi autoconnect
  13. [Fixed in FW update 1.0.3] SSID NAME restrictions
  14. Add arpeggio rate in the modulations destinations
  15. option to save preset-blender parts 1-4 in the app
  16. Midi panic
  17. Ability to disable patch autoload feature
  18. options for the control sequencer
  19. Editor - also show explicit values for parameters
  20. Ability to assign ARP to Keyboard Split
  21. Audio IN on Desktop Version
  22. Freeze/Hold function via pedal
  23. More Texture on the Pitch and Mod Wheels / Less Wiggle in Sliders
  24. Font size on apps
  25. Disable Data Entry slider in Program Browser
  26. Editor - Select Multiple Preset in Preset Manager
  27. Enable/Disable single FX in FX page, with shortcut
  28. Editor - Need for precise step by step increment/decrement
  29. Filter feedback gain saturation?
  30. Manual Update
  31. Shortcut to put FX in Bypass mode
  32. Editor export and import single patches
  33. Additional, more experimental FX types
  34. Bypass button on each Mod Matrix Slot
  35. When editing Envelope values, jump to value with cusor in the display
  36. Patch Volume
  37. Split mode
  38. Show moved parameter value on edit screens
  39. Real-time feedback of mod destination parameter values
  40. Dust cover
  41. Accessory: iPad holder
  42. Return to last active field when re-entering edit screen
  43. Manual: Improved navigation
  44. option for leveling the dco1 saw wave
  45. Light Show Mode
  46. Custom default program
  47. Mod-Matrix: Add LFO Phase as new destination
  48. Mod-Matrix: Add Osc Finetune as a destination
  49. Arpeggiator Hold Mode Enhancement
  50. Delays with time parameter modulable (smoothing time change)
  51. 'Meta level' mod routings
  52. Deepmind 12 Plugin + Ableton Link ready
  53. DeepWave 12
  54. Mod-Matrix: Add Arp Octave as a destination
  55. Fix Foot Control to Control The Volume of the DM12 and DM12 to Respond to Midi Volume
  56. Editor - Ghost Cursors, ghost enveloppes, ghost sequencer
  57. More options for Pan spread
  58. Delay time of LFOs adjustable to clock
  59. More than one key on chord mode
  60. Tie notes and rest feature on control sequencer
  61. DeepMind16 Expression
  62. Hold VCA edit button and move VCA level slider to adjust pan spread.
  63. Preset Favorites and/or Sort Programs
  64. Other voice allocation modes ?
  65. Make Deepmind 12 OS Open Source
  66. Only three OSC "lengths"?
  67. Juno Chorus
  68. Starting of LFO cycle in KEY-SYNC mode
  69. Control Sequencer - Note value as input value
  70. Unhappy with "Reduced Gain Feeding into the high pass / boost circuit" since FW 1.0.5
  71. More polychord storage
  72. Enhancement of Unison Voice mod source
  73. Portamento Enhancements (slope, direction, spread, off)
  74. "Through Zero" Pulse Width
  75. Multitimbrality
  76. Voicelive 3 as Midi foodswitch for external midi pedal controller
  77. Ramp generator, delay, other algoriths for Mod matrix
  78. Delay Time as Mod Matrix Destination
  79. sending all controller-data when selecting a soundprogram
  80. Display switches to corresponding page when CC comes in
  81. Split the keyboard
  82. Midi CC7
  83. Make MIDI channel a modulation destination
  84. Add evolutionary algorithms in the editor for new patch creation
  85. Add the ability to load two editors at once, each pointing to different DM synths
  86. Add (multiple) patch tagging and browsing by tag to editor
  87. Deepmind 12 for midi guitar players
  88. Unison Octave Modes
  89. Software (PC): Please rework mouse slider input
  90. Stretch Tuning setting
  91. MPE and MIDI note per channel support
  92. Poly Chord Octave Transpose Funktion
  93. Rotary Wheel for Program Change
  94. Midi CC learn or customization
  95. VCA Mode save-able
  96. Options for the arpeggiator
  97. Ring Modulation as an FX option
  98. Ring Modulator in fx please
  99. Blend Mode controllable from DM Surface ?
  100. Any future firmware updates planned ?
  101. Reverse the sync.
  102. Add a tape echo.
  103. Cloud based preset sharing?
  104. Polyphonic legato
  105. microtune etc,
  106. Gate for trance music (Please!)
  107. Fully configurable keyboard scaling modulation source
  108. Unison mode to allow transpose also of the oscillators
  109. Use a button to transpose on keyboard SH-101-style when the arp. is held
  110. New Effect Engine - Synthesizer
  111. Polyphonic Aftertouch
  112. Global Transpose
  113. WRITE Program > COMPARE Presets = Automatic load into Buffer
  114. Improving our DeepMind APP
  115. Global Transpose & STICKY KEY
  116. control sequencer / s+h key trigger
  117. LFO Feature Request: Add LFO decay/ fade-out
  118. Micro Tuning and GM2 Transpose Support
  119. DeepMind SDK and open source development
  120. Key-Transpose > Polychord shift Root key / Harmony