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  1. Display not working in Cubase
  2. Some problems with different buttons on a ProTools 10 on Mac OS X
  3. X-Touch vs X-Touch compact
  4. Update: Firmware V 1.14 / 1.03 Released for X-Touch
  5. Reason Compatibility
  6. X-Touch firmware update 1.14
  7. X-touch w. X-Air Edit on Windows 7?
  8. X-Touch Series - U.K. Availability....
  9. X-Touch apparently dead
  10. X-Touch with Integrated systems
  11. X-Touch has officially started arriving in Stores!
  12. Operation Manual & Editor for X-Touch
  13. X-Touch Firmware version
  14. X-Touch's Signal Meter Clipping LED Cannot Be Reset
  15. REAPER (w' KLINKE MCU Extensions) Unite.
  16. X-Touch Scribble Colors
  17. X-Touch Scribble Color
  18. X-Touch Connectivity to X-32
  19. X-Touch General Configuration Question MCU
  20. X-Touch Overlay for Cubase
  21. Disappointed with XTouch purchase.
  22. X Touch and Pro Tools
  23. Reason users: issues with the X-Touch
  24. UPDATE: X-TOUCH "How To" Video Playlist now on Youtube
  25. X-Touch Logic X Youtube Videos
  26. X-TOUCH HUI MIDI Messages using Pro Tools 11
  27. Calibration and overlay questions...
  28. X-Touch UCS and metering in ProTools 10?
  29. Benefits to using Ethernet or MIDI vs USB?
  30. X-Touch UCS and plug-in parameter control?
  31. Assignment Display not working
  32. Firmware roadmap?
  33. X Touch and Sonar
  34. X-Touch control with Studio One 2
  35. OSC/MIDI <--> MC / HUI go betweens
  36. HUI Mode, faders resetting
  37. Overlays!
  38. Cascading X-Touch's
  39. X-Touch Mackie Control for Digital Performer 9 Issues
  40. How does the X-Touch work with an X32 Rack or Compact?
  41. Jerky fader movements in Studio One V2 and V3
  42. x touch used with Adobe programs
  43. X-Touch in combination with Cubase
  44. X-Touch and X-edit Setup
  45. Live Broadcast Presentations coming next week live from Music Studios in Los Angeles.
  46. X-Touch with Cubase problems
  47. Touch working with X32 Rack yet
  48. X-Touch not yet ready to work with XR18
  49. Issues with X-touch mini and totalmixfx (RME)
  50. Could i get some help with my new X-touch please?
  51. El Capitan & X-Touch Ok?
  52. HELP PLEASE - Anyone using X Touch with REAPER?
  53. X Touch and REAPER
  54. Xtouch set up
  55. UPDATE: X-TOUCH Firmware V1.15 Released
  56. Live Broadcast Monday Feb 29th @ 1PM PST featuring X AIR control via X-TOUCH
  57. XR12 & X-TOUCH connection once more
  58. Technical Details of Communication between X-TOUCH and X-AIR
  59. X-Touch and RME Totalmix FX
  60. LCD Display when in Xctl/MC Mode
  61. X Touch w/ X32 Rack AND Logic At Same Time?
  62. Modify Buttons w Logic
  63. Touch Faders Are Not Working
  64. Cases or Bags for X-Touch
  65. Will Behringer consider to make a side cover to connect X-touch series physically?
  66. Track select turns on EQ screen?!?
  67. X-Touch x18??
  68. Xctl Protocol Doc V1.0 release
  69. X-Touch and FS pedal
  70. Behringer X touch record button
  71. X-Touch, XR18 and X-air Edit
  72. x-touch and xr16 wav playback
  73. Wireless Network Connection
  74. How to label a channel via xtouch and xr16
  75. Bus masters
  76. Nice fit
  77. 3 x-touch universal control surfaces not working on windows 10
  78. Made some cool stands
  79. some requests / thoughts ...
  80. putting x-touch first when adding teh compact
  81. case for both the xr16 and xtouch
  82. Fader stop moving from sonar
  83. X-Touch? Or Compact?
  84. X-Touch with Ableton Live
  85. Default Settings?
  86. Rack Mount Possibilities
  87. How to Connect via Ethernet for RTP Midi??
  88. X-Touch "Dual Mode"
  89. X-Touch Firmware Update to 1.15 missing instructions
  90. Wireless X-Touch to XR18 Communication.
  91. Factory Reset
  92. X Touch, Expansion pack
  93. Are my faders working properly?
  94. xtouch fader number not the same as software number
  95. X-Touch Control Button remains lit
  96. Updates for X-Touch to round out the X-Air compatibility????
  97. X Touch / Sony Vegas Pro
  98. Getting XTouch to control a X32 Rack via x32 Edit
  99. Am I Missing Something?
  100. Manual and BUS question.
  101. Scribble scripts in color with Reaper ?
  102. Tip for using X-Touch FUNCTION buttons with Logic Pro X
  103. Plugin on AUX strip - Logic X
  104. xtouch and xtouch compact in sonar x3
  105. X-Touch automation
  106. Problem with V-Pot 1
  107. Xtouch connection to Xair18 via Wifi Client not working
  108. Is This a Bug? (button LED toggle problem)
  109. X-Touch controlling Zoom G2NU guitar pedal with midi
  110. X Touch with Cubase Pro 8.5 and XR18
  111. Re ordering VST parameters in X Touch
  112. Possible bug - X-Touch works with rtpMidi in MC mode, but not in XCTL/MC mode
  113. Unmute?
  114. Tap Tempo button
  115. X-touch as an "event server"
  116. Buttons triggering notes on Cubase
  117. XTouch and X32 Rack
  118. X-Touch and X32 Core - X32Edit 3.0 - Select channel question
  119. Nice add-on (missing part in the XTOUCH )
  120. Xtouch M/C send when controlling X32 Rack
  121. Xtouch MONO send when controlling X32 Rack
  122. Footswitch use
  123. Start up question
  124. The buttons in the X-Touch and app (Android & iOS)
  125. Button functions X32 Xair
  126. Cannot network connect XTouch to X32 Rack. "IP:No Link" Shown.
  127. change bit rate of encoders to make them faster?
  128. Multiple X-Touch not working in Cubase
  129. Is it possible to use two X-Touch controllers with an X32?
  130. X Touch Sonar Platinum transport
  131. Sending channel to Mono Bus
  132. Whats the cheapest way to get everything working with Reaper on Windows please..XR12?
  133. Might have a run of X-Touch overlays made... Gauging interest
  134. X-Touch Fader jerky movement [video]
  135. XTouch faders touch sensitivity issue
  136. Issues with X-Touch and Cubase
  137. X-Touch X32 overlay
  138. M32C and X-Touch?
  139. Request for next firmware update
  140. X-Touch Universal Editor ? Please , Please , Please !!!!!!
  141. 2 buttons
  142. paired channels
  143. CLIP buttons in EQ mode
  144. X-Touch not working with Cubase 8.5.2
  145. X-touch + iPad
  146. Having trouble setting up Universal and Compact together.
  147. One week in with Universal and Compact...
  148. X-Touch Faders Track Select in X-Edit
  149. Feature Request - Talkback Button
  150. Use of X Touch with X32 family
  151. Can the X Touch control an X32 when setup in X-Edit 3.1, specifically USER bank?
  152. X-Touch
  153. Blank Editable Overlay
  154. Confused by RTP MIDI
  155. Foot Switch Recommendations
  156. Colour Scribble Screens
  157. Please help me with X-touch at cubase...
  158. Random disconnects
  159. HELP!... X-Touch Jog Wheel Issue
  160. Help configuring XTouch to control both DAW and X32 Rack
  162. Clipping indicators not working in Logic Pro X
  163. Channel select on X-Touch
  164. Is there a Manual for the X-Touch?
  165. X-TOUCH JOG WHEEL ISSUE??? ( Resolution ? )
  166. X-Touch plus XAir Accessible issues.
  167. Automatable Parameters
  168. Plug In Selection Via Xtouch Interface
  169. Performing routing actions on the X18 via the X-Touch.
  170. Please help with Vonets
  171. Xtouch 1.15 Firmware Update HELP!
  172. Channel select on x-touch sychronized with X Air App
  173. X-Touch - Is it dead product regarding new firmware and support?
  174. X-Touch Feature Wish List
  175. XTouch + Logic
  176. Mutes
  177. X32 buttons
  178. scrolling through effects.
  179. Cheat Sheet for Reaper (Klink MCU) users
  180. Turn Xtouch on off twice Logic Pro x
  181. XR12 Recorder Control
  182. Cubase 9: Open plugin
  183. v15 firmware
  184. Shift key in Cubase
  185. Xtouch disconnecting, even after replacement
  186. Cubase 9: Sends and Cues
  187. X-Touch and Logic Pro X problem: I think.
  188. X-Touch incorrect firmware version replied with MIDI Sysex command
  189. How to change X-Touch LCD background / text color with a MIDI command
  190. X Touch and Logic Pro 9
  191. Faders not Working on New XTouch Using Sierra and Logic X
  192. Using User Modes for X-Touch customization (Logic Pro X)
  193. X-Touch / X18 Control
  194. Connecting problem to X32 core
  195. Customize buttons
  196. X-Touch Extender is coming soon
  197. X-Touch and Adobe Premiere Pro
  198. Control button light doesn't go off, is this a defect?
  199. X Touch eq layout...
  200. it's a must ...
  201. X-Touch Latch and Write automation in Logic X fault
  202. Stuck Level Meters - Logic Pro X
  203. Can X-Touch MODIFY buttons be used as keyboard modify keys?
  204. Sliders not corresponding to logics parameters
  205. How to connect X Touch to XR18 for WiFi Control of FOH
  206. Multi timbral vst's
  207. Xtouch and XR18 thoughts....
  208. X-Touch Not off to a Good Start...
  209. Xtouch wireless good so far
  210. Controlling Midi CCs with an X Touch
  211. Linking channels on the X-18 with the X-Touch.
  212. AUX sends problems
  213. Multiple X-TOUCH Extenders at once?
  214. EQ configuration problems with the X-touch and the X18.
  215. X-Touch disconnecting
  216. X-Touch and Extenders work with M18??
  217. Routing Expression Pedal to generate MIDI data
  218. X-Touch to control X Air Edit ?
  219. Convert track volume in dB to a linear fader position X-Touch MCU/Xctl
  220. X-Touch extender - limited?
  221. OSC for X-Touch Extender?
  222. Documentation for X-TOUCH to X32 in Xctl mode?
  223. X-Touch official MIDI implementation chart request
  224. Faders
  225. Can't clear track clip LED on X Touch
  226. X-touch and cubase?
  227. X-Touch with WiFi extender/bridge.
  228. Plug-ins control with X-Touch in Studio One v3
  229. X-Touch Universal & X32 Core & Logic
  230. X-Touch Bus names / scribble strip
  231. Assigning channel 1 to Bus 1 on the x18 via the X-touch
  232. X-Touch and channels
  233. USB Light for xtouch at walmart
  234. Graphic EQ with faders?
  235. Can X-Touch control tap tempo on a time based FX in XR12/MR12?
  236. X Touch and Midi Translator
  237. Feature request
  238. Features request
  239. X-Touch X32 Overlay
  240. X-TOUCH with M32C?
  241. X-Touch Extender Scribble Strip Midi Sysex Command
  242. Stereo AND Master channels visible on X Touch faders (LOGIC X)
  243. Signal Meter on X touch isn't responding or frozen??
  244. Selecting "Channel" Opens VST or top plug in
  245. X-Touch Editor
  246. X-TOUCH EXTENDER as standalone HUI controller
  247. X-Touch button assignments for the XAir.
  248. X-Touch with plug-ins (ProTools 10.3.10)
  249. Cracking in the faders
  250. Master Channel EQ and Compressor in Harrison Mixbus 32c