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  1. x-touch
  2. Pre-purchase mixdown question
  3. Xr24
  4. New Section Suggestion
  5. XR 12 and X-Touch
  6. SD16s Are Here
  7. X32 Rack, X32 Core, XR18 Questions
  8. XR18 where in stock in the UK?
  9. Tech support after I install digital mixer at a church
  10. Before I Buy
  11. Line Preamp in XR12
  12. Q: on x12 & X16 USB
  13. Can the XR16 provide a mono main?
  14. X32 Compact with X32 Rack for monitors (wirelesly)
  15. Shall I buy?
  16. SD8 vs SD16 vs S16
  17. X-Touch vs X-Touch compact
  18. X18 desktop - can it be rack mounted?
  19. X-Touch - User Manual?
  20. footprint of the X32 mixer - the actual dimensions of the distance between the feet?
  21. Personal mixes
  22. XR16 to XR18 comparison
  23. X32 Producer with 32 Channels, which Option for Home Recording? S16 or XR18? Latency?
  24. Windows 10 tablet users?
  25. x32 RTL latency
  26. XR16 and sub mixers
  27. X32 producer-tp
  28. Hooking up FBQ2496 to X32/SD16 system?
  29. X1622 USB as Internet Radio mixer questions
  30. Legacy Mixers (DDX3216) firmware
  31. can xr18 be used as a digital snake for an x32?
  32. [x32 producer] output/aux
  33. XR12 and Nano Router?
  34. XR12 soft case??
  35. QX602MP3 Availability
  36. XR18 Questions:
  37. Power Input for Behringer PMP550M Europower 500-Watt 5-Channel Powered Mixer
  38. Question about pre-amp control for an S-16 from an X32
  39. About to buy an X18 - A few final questions
  40. XENYX X1204USB PA en studio mixer
  41. X32 Core and X-ADAT Compatibility
  42. Can you change languages on the X32?
  43. Expansion Card X-Dante
  44. basic live sound quality
  45. X32 Rack vs. XR18: Preamps, AD/DA converters, sound
  46. Behringer Xenyx 802 Question
  47. X air App
  48. disy-chain the mixers.
  49. Will this X32 user be happy with the XAIR 18? And other questions...
  50. Ultranet on a Midas pro2
  51. x32 rack VS xr18
  52. 2 separate audio programs, 1 computer and 1 usb input. Can this work?
  53. X32 Compact vs X32 Producer Feature comparison
  54. X air 18
  55. XR18 spliting the Left/Right Master Buss?
  56. Breakout Room Mixer?
  57. P16 as 'Sudo hardwired control from X18
  58. church upgrade
  59. Virtual Input
  60. Best solution for this kind of setup
  61. Can the X32 Ipad Control app follow the channel selected on the X32
  62. x32rack aux
  63. Warranty
  64. Rehearsal room Ultranet setup
  65. x-touch, rack adapters
  66. Stereo bus on the xr18?
  67. Where Can Buy Behringer Xenyx qx2442 rack mount kit?
  68. Android tablet question...
  69. Compatibility of Roland synthesizers to QX1202 mixer
  70. X32 Producer-TP Expandability Questions
  71. Channel and Effect preset library X32
  72. air 16 or x32 to replace saffire pro
  73. Behringer keyboard question...
  74. XR18/X32R - ease of switching effects on channels
  75. XR18 in-ear monitor by phone/tablet
  76. Can it be done??
  77. ADA8200 on X32 Rack through ADAT
  78. What are the ios requirements?
  79. X32 x 2
  80. Is there a difference?
  81. Using a Behringer 302USB Xenyx 5 Mixer to allow two headsets to talk to each other
  82. Chain More XR18
  83. X32 compact ... but what digital snake?
  84. auto mix to aux sends
  85. X32 Rack or P16-I with P16-Ms?
  86. X32 producer with dl16
  87. Digital mixing for novices?
  88. Multiple touch screens side-by-side?
  89. Unreliable wireless, in a venue with lots of smartphones
  90. Need Your Help
  91. SD8 / SD16 line inputs, and phantom destruction
  92. Question about digital stage blocks
  93. S16 and the X32: Additional channels, or replace?
  94. Send the output of one DSP into another DSP?
  95. Midas Pro2 true x32 core to P16m
  96. two s16 boxes verse one s32 stage boxes
  97. Midi control of reverb
  98. Ultranet question
  99. Purchasing a Behringer UFX1604 soon.
  100. How to save or load x air scenes via usb stick, that's plugged into the mixer?
  101. Same setup on PC and Ipad
  102. ATEM and Audio Control Panel Hardware
  103. X32, 2x SD16 and using local ports
  104. Pre-sales question on X-18
  105. X32 Rack w SD16 versus X32 Core w 2x SD16
  106. Xenyx 302USB application question and max number of microphone
  107. Behringer X-touch with Mixbus 32C
  108. Stage rack and soundcard for X32
  109. Hardware line pad in XR18's XLR/TRS combo receptacles?
  110. X18 vs xr18
  111. Air X18 - Logic Pro X
  112. Can XR-18 record multi tracks to a USB memory stick?
  113. Air X18 Digital Mixer - Connect to Macbook
  114. X18 and xr18 and ultranet
  115. X32 Producer Rack Mount
  116. X32 compatible with X12?
  117. x-18/xr-18 capabilities and limitations
  118. Registration difficulties
  119. A few questions about the XR16
  120. UI16 or XR16
  121. Eurorack ub1832fx-pro
  122. X-Touch Compact Button Functions vs BCF
  123. XR12 Routing question
  124. XR16 - rack space
  125. S32 remote preamp gain via x32 core.
  126. X Air save settings after multiple power offs?
  127. Ultranet to Line Out box?
  128. What is the largest Tablet the X18 will hold?
  129. Access by multiple devices?
  130. Newbie Advice please
  131. Playing music from PC with that has X Air Edit installed.
  132. Listening to channels via PC's headphone jack.
  133. Behringer Xenyx 1204USB USB questions
  134. X32 Advise
  135. Hello.
  136. Running XR18 mono output
  137. S32 with a Midas M32
  138. Possible to play virtual instruments through XR18 from USB connection of my laptop?
  139. X32 Rack model Questions
  140. stereo sound from laptop
  141. Scene change
  142. I just post and it is not showing. How long does it take to show?
  143. XR18 - Is there a way to effectively insert an external proccessor for one channel?
  144. warranty availability
  145. X32 Compact Vs X32 Compact-TP Producer Feature comparison
  146. Mr16
  147. X-32 Compact- TP backordred?
  148. Thinking of buying an XR16
  149. DJM-900 -> ??? -> ULTRANET -- without DAC
  150. Developer API for BCF2000?
  151. Multiple X32s for 64 or more input Channels?
  152. Can't Find Demo Mode X AIR Edit for PC
  153. Direct connect laptop to XR18 ?
  154. x conrol
  155. XR18 and X32 - Questions
  156. XR18 Warranty US-Canada
  157. Questions about the X32 Rack/X32 Core
  158. Thinking of buying an Xr18 for performance -- have a couple questions
  159. Will this dante/waves card setup work?
  160. Best Digital Mixer/ USB Interface... But wait, there's more!
  161. Adding a subwoffer
  162. Idea: After market magnetic LED or LCD scribble strips for x32 consoles without......
  163. X32 Core Front USB - possible to run audio from an iphone?
  164. X32 Core & Upcoming SD Recording Card
  165. How to tune xr18 system
  166. X32 Core - Which Snakes?
  167. In-Ear Rig for Large 7pc Band with Fly Dates
  168. XR18 replaces need for audio interface for DAW
  169. Setup with monitor mix, front mix and mac with ableton
  170. Seriously consider XR18 but have general setup questions
  171. Heritage D ????
  172. looking for controller x-air and x32
  173. Just a couple of quick questions on the X32... surely asked before.
  174. XR 16 questions,
  175. Couple questions about X32 vs. XR18
  176. How far can I go with x32 producer to avoid Daw?
  177. X Live recorder Expansion card availability
  178. Need Behringer QX1002USB in India
  179. Line inputs on XR18 and MR18?
  180. Correct Power supply adapter and Audio cables for XENYX QX1202USB
  181. A couple of questions before purchase if you don't mind.. XR18/MR18
  182. 16 faders controller
  183. Ipad 2 or which tablet for my x32
  184. X32c/m32R with X-WSG running Dugan Automixer
  185. X32 and accessibility
  186. X32 v1 v2?
  187. line level keyboards into X32
  188. X32 user manual
  189. bi-directional audio with XR-18 or x18?
  190. X12 Air
  191. X-Air /X-Touch User Setup
  192. Delay and crossover on SD16 outputs
  193. Lock output settings for all scenes/users
  194. Crossover from new firmware
  195. X-Air12 - MIDI Control for live performance.
  196. Behringer Xenyx QX1002USB POWER SUPPLY
  197. Using AES out
  198. Converting to x32
  199. q1202usb multi-track recording
  200. New Behringer digital mixers??? NAMM 2019?
  201. Can the XR18 send midi out from an iOS sequence to external midi gear
  202. Mixing solution for a large band in the rehearsal room
  203. What is output on the Behringer Xenyx 802 headphones jack?
  204. Looking at an XR18 for sub-mixing drums, and in-ear monitoring from behind the kit
  205. Q1002USB - Effects Send / Return - is this the wrong mixer?
  206. FOH X32 & STAGE X32 Rack + S16 + (2x)ADA8000