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  1. List of feature requests and improvements for X AIR and X AIR EDIT Apps
  2. XAir Edit Skins and themes
  3. XR18 request as a result of DCA
  4. Add Bus Master Level fader to Bus Eq Screen
  5. Functionality for Subs on Aux, Output Delay, Xover Filters
  6. Add the ability to input numeric settings for effects
  7. Better USB insert options for VST effects
  8. Android App: visual dynamics and EQ plot on buttons. Mute Group Module
  9. Access control for devices!!!
  10. not linked phase control
  11. Midi control implementation for the x air edit software
  12. HTML 5 Browser Control Of The X Air
  13. Stability
  14. Scribble strip carry through
  15. MIDI Clock Sync / Extend Midi Implementation
  16. USB Routing
  17. Mute group function on iPad app
  18. Good idea ! FX SEND 3 & 4 to MONITOR OUT
  19. Combine buses to work as stereo monitor outs
  20. Daisy Chain and/or Control two XR18s with one app
  21. Insertable sine wave plugin
  22. Additional midi commands
  23. Please add processing subgroups assignable to the main bus
  24. Fader to zero
  25. Better implementation of touch screen in Windows app
  26. Custom buttons
  27. Short cut to wi fi settings when you select x air app on ipad
  28. Wireless MIDI !!!
  29. Fader Functionality
  30. Add L+R Gain reduction to meter display
  31. Transparent gain adjustments
  32. Multi Bus mix view, IEM controls
  33. Recording to USB Drive
  34. First impression
  35. Gate on FX sends - would be a grat feature ! No more need for a footswitch
  36. TCP/IP factory settings
  37. Zeroconf as additional means for device discovery
  38. Reduction of button presses
  39. Audiobus in IOS apps; VST support in XR Edit
  40. stereo sends / busses
  41. mp3 playback from usb drive would be great !
  42. Eventual Hardware Upgrade - USB port for charging tablet
  43. Android: Set Side Chain Filter KeySrc
  44. XR18->Tablet Sync Channel responsivenes
  45. "Draw Curve" button for the 32 band EQ
  46. expanded configuration of Android mix screen
  47. make Mute Lock on Android a configuration toggle
  48. Input HPF does to show in EQ section of iPad. No Q(or dB/Oct adjustments on HPF?
  49. How about some Feedback
  50. Toggle Aux 6 to behave as a Bus or a Mono sum tied to LR fader (XR18)
  51. Output delay for building delay lines
  52. Here is my dumb idea for a feature. Please don't laugh too hard.
  53. Better Wireless AP
  54. Streaming mp3-music from the Xair edit app to the mixer on stage.
  55. Acoustic Echo Canceller (AEC) Effect?
  56. Prevent accidental feedback loops with insert effects
  57. App with limited functionality for personal monitor mixing
  58. Managing Xair edit with usb/midi interface directly on a PC
  59. Pc Version
  60. Additional Routing Options Needed
  61. All wishes for XR18
  62. XR 18 Air USB Recorder/Playback Control
  63. Remote Talkback and PFL
  64. Group switch to USB input
  65. How can we have more channel presets in XR12 from factory ???
  66. missing things
  67. main output mix
  68. Usb recorder/ player on iOS, Larger font please,
  69. XR18 FX recording
  70. Channel source input selection
  71. Open source X Air Edit and apps
  72. XR12 and XR16 recordimg lost at Power down
  73. Stagebox for the X32
  75. XR12/16 Labels on left hand side of the full mixer view
  76. USB control and windows driver options on XR18
  77. Transport control via MIDI
  78. Mute option
  79. A couple of nits on XR16 sub playback
  80. Ability to listen to SOLO through tablet/pc/mac headphone jack
  81. Channel send pre/post options (missing from iPad app)
  82. Mute Groups
  83. Channel strips disappear from main screen when not patched to anything.
  84. Set Bus Ouptut Routing via iPAD app
  85. Presets
  86. MIDI CCs thru USB Please!!
  87. Assignable inputs on Headphones
  88. Password protect so
  89. X Air 12
  90. Display Multiple Master Faders XR18
  91. Fix sidechain ducking
  92. Synchronize sidechain KeySrc for stereo linked channels
  93. X Air Edit PC: Disable/remove KeySrc in LR compressor section
  94. DCA Control on Apple apps
  95. The name of the current scene loaded would be nice...
  96. Loading scenes directly into snapshot slots/modifiying snapshots
  97. Custom Buttons
  98. Custom effects
  99. XR18 USB Recording to a flash drive -- wav or mp3
  100. Midi app to app
  101. "Side-by-side" XAIR on the iPad (Pro) with recording software
  102. Updates via wifi vice hardwired
  103. selectable mutes for fx
  104. XR12 / XR16 USB Record each channel in separate file
  105. Stereo unlinking return to center balance
  106. More channels, a 24 channel version.
  107. X AIR edit PC swapping or rearranging channels
  108. non main LR warning
  109. X AIR for IOS to look and work the same as X AIR Edit and one more
  110. Put the main LR on a bus with volume to monitor
  111. Save a scene on Android and on Ipad
  112. Fader Expand
  113. Allow Independent Phase Flip on Linked Channels
  114. Allow Aux pairs to be assigned to Headphones
  115. Rotary or slider adjustment of PEQ "Q" control for Edit app
  116. Stereo FX sends would be great ...
  117. Ultranet to analog outputs interface
  118. Hide another strip from stereo channel pairs + additional requests
  119. independent DCA's
  120. Snapshot file and editor
  121. Midi control of the XR12/16 USB media player
  122. DSP to Behringer (More features)
  123. Rtz
  124. Offline Training
  125. Hpf & lpf
  126. 24 bit audio recording for XR12
  127. Tuner?
  128. mute on multitouch x-air edit and iPad app
  129. Hi-pass and low-pass filters, more slope types
  130. Pink Noise/Sine/Impulse Generator
  131. X AIR 18 problem with Android apps
  132. Additional Midi-CC Capability
  133. XAir 12 with PC to USB
  134. XAir app should respond to external keyboard
  135. XR18 Powered Mixer
  136. Link function saved on each scene?
  137. Same scene/snapshot management on all app platforms
  138. Main/Bus layer buttons for Android - Custom buttons - Custom channel strips
  139. Bug report: Adding channels to layer returns to wrong layer edit overview (Android)
  140. Xair ipad app Split view support
  141. Xair12 Ducking ability on USB playback (AUX) channel
  142. Recording via BUS
  143. Regression: Missing/wrong window decoration in X Air Edit 1.2 on Linux
  144. X-AIR Edit for Touchscreens
  145. Audio Streams over Wi-fi
  146. App for iPad need a TAP TEMPO, right now!
  147. Add Android screen with input fader + active EQ/ RTA
  148. FX Insert on Buses and LR in Input Tab - X AIR Edit
  149. FX save in x-air app
  150. XAIR Q APP FOR IPHONE !!! or x air
  151. X-Air App on Windows 7 Touchscreen
  152. x air x 18 usb driver improvement requests
  153. Feature Request - ability to assign main and monitor signals to any analog output
  154. Send On Fader Button
  155. Current Mixer Firmware version in X-Air Mix App
  156. User GUI editor
  157. Please drop X Air for Android
  158. MIDI Pass Thru AND DIN-RX/TX control, MIDI Clock
  159. Usability Wishlist
  160. X Air Edit 64-bit Linux binaries
  161. XR12 audio interface
  162. Double tap for unity gain
  163. XR18 Android change scene FX
  164. Post Fader Level Meter
  165. Undo last snapshot load
  166. Ultranet to Wireless Headphone Rack - Product Suggestion
  167. Integrate X Air with Behringer Lighting Products.
  168. Custom fader layout X Air Edit
  169. XR12 Monitor output on AUX1 and AUX2?
  170. iPad Software Update
  171. Cutting Feedback AUTO mode - Live seek and destroy
  172. Mute ALL and Spectrograph on Outputs
  173. Choose insert point
  174. Subs on aux link / pink noise gen
  175. Android: Bring back iDCAs
  176. X Air Edit - FX Strip Colour Won't change
  177. Idea for an update on the FX inserts
  178. Export and import of shows\scense
  179. Custom fader view when X air iOS is in portrait mode
  180. More Midi CC control
  181. XR12 Responds to a "Data Request" from a BCF2000 controller
  182. Please Add Pink Noise Generator
  183. Icons on Channels
  184. Save channel presets on the mixer.
  185. More presets for voice, guitar, keys, ... from Behringer.
  186. X AIR audio I/O (headphone monitoring and talkback) to tablet via Wi-Fi
  187. MIDI leаrn function for using the MIDI controller???
  188. Plans for response to a "Data Request" command from a midi controller???
  189. Channel slider present when in EQ x-air12
  190. Print Function
  191. PEQ to GEQ
  192. XR18 Scene storage and recall
  193. Load/Save Default Folder
  194. XR12 and X-Touch Compact not friendly!
  195. New feature: Dry/wet inserteffect
  196. Layout suggestion Xr edit on laptop
  197. X-Touch and X-Air Edit Compatibility
  198. X18 air: selector and level tape out ?
  199. More output routing options.
  200. User assigned buttons
  201. Time delays for the Main Outs and Bus sends
  202. X-Air edit: copy/paste channel faders mix
  203. Crossover filters please
  204. Rename Labels for Mute Groups, Buses and DCAs
  205. Dual FX
  206. P16-M suggestion -
  207. X18 air: Connect 2 mixer and midi din thru
  208. On the XR18 Series, next time flip the XLR out the correct way.
  209. multi-track recording for XR12 and XR16
  210. Effect rack off arrow down icon
  211. iPad Pro
  212. XR16 Limiter on Main and Aux outs.
  213. 24 Channel Dual Band Version
  214. locked snapshot
  215. On off button colours
  216. Cross platform apps on a single XR12 x air
  217. Must hit LOAD to load a snapshot. No double click.
  218. Linking 2 X-Air products together for more channels.
  219. iPad app - dynamics settings, tap tempo, DCAs, etc
  220. FX - Please model more Classic Behringer rack gear
  221. App for iphone
  222. Output delay for XR18?
  223. Few things that must be on iPad app to make xr18 much more attractive
  224. link option for phase control
  225. Allow routing an internal tablet mic connection to the RTA.
  226. MP3 Player and Playlists!
  227. Feature request
  228. X-Air web interface
  229. X-Air for Windows Phone
  230. XR18 as a MIDI interface
  231. Enable WiFI channels 12 and 13
  232. DCA to Bus's
  233. Copy/Paste GEQ/TEQ between master buses
  234. X-AIR Q on iPhone
  235. Mute on Aux Bus
  236. X32 instruments or channel presets
  237. X air. Xr18 presets.
  238. Mute group Hot keys
  239. Dynamic Change of Bus and FX labels
  240. Android Layer Strip with the Mute Group Buttons
  241. Android - Use the Automix portion of the channel meters to show gain reduction
  242. Meter Style
  243. Automated / "magic" EQ settings
  244. Linking uneven with even channels
  245. Bring David Back for General Updates!
  246. How about a single channel X Air powered Direct Box?
  247. Physical Fader Board for X-Air?
  248. Ability to Insert Multiple FX on Same Channel and Configure Order of Insert FX Chain
  249. Add Single Mono FX for All FX Support Up 8 Simultaneous Unique Mono FX
  250. Change the behaviour of the PAN Control of linked Input channels