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  1. XR at Sweetwater
  2. P16 bus on an X Air
  3. X Air Edit is out there
  4. Streaming wireless audio
  5. After a few hours with my new XR18
  6. XR18 USB Recording
  7. Scribble Strip & FX saving
  8. XR-18: How many rack spaces? How deep?
  9. Using Effects in XR18 with iPad
  10. XR-18 and Xtouch control surface.
  11. XR18 1st Gig Impressions and a Problem List
  12. Any provision for playing interval or backing tracks from the x18 front panle
  13. X-air Edit 0.5 beta overview video.
  14. Shows vs. Scenes
  15. XR18 Post-EQ Aux Send
  16. recess rack ear option and ears holes would be nice
  17. Documentation required.
  18. XR18 WiFi Client Mode
  19. Forum navigation
  20. XR12 as bass preamp?
  21. X Air XR12 offered by dealers on websites and catalogs
  22. Using FX buses as USB inputs
  23. X Air android flavor
  24. Troubling sound
  25. Xr18 fx
  26. DCA/Sub Groups
  27. XR18 - Access Point - Can it have a Password Setting?
  28. XR18 No Time Delay
  29. XR18 road test 1
  30. I keep "refreshing"
  31. Recording the XR18 to an iPad?
  32. Help with recording to PC (Reaper) setup/preferences
  33. First Experience!
  34. Lock down user to monitor bus only?
  35. Physical set-up tips + Pro's/Con's of different Android tab's/accessories/
  36. Patience Wearing Thin
  37. Why only 4 units can connect Access Point?
  38. WAIT A MINUTE! - Mac vs. Android - the Apps are different or is it ME?!
  39. Xr18 midi
  40. Sync Problem Between Devices
  41. X AIR App No Dca's ?
  42. XR18 Subgroups
  43. Macbook Air network issue
  44. First Gig
  45. X Air Edit Channel Tab
  46. Modified Rack Ears
  47. CuBase Works!!
  48. Usb 2/2
  49. First use...
  50. Effects per channel
  51. X Air Edit
  52. Mac X-Air Edit Meters & Such
  53. Tap delay?
  54. USB Audio dropouts with XR-18 on Dell laptops: solved!
  55. New Ipad Xair available
  56. XR18 - General operating questions
  57. How do you know if you're connected?
  58. Using iPad for Simultaneous XR Mix Controller, and Multitrack Recording
  59. A little X AIR Edit help?
  60. USB playback?
  61. EQ Question: "Width" adjustment
  62. Anybody else having Android app disconnects?
  63. Register my New XR18 ?
  64. Automix feature
  65. Anyone get X-Air-Edit to work on Linux?
  66. X AIR Edit on WinXP
  67. X Air not generating network
  68. XR18 up and running....
  69. Returned my XR18
  70. A couple wishes for android/ipad apps
  71. X AIR tutorial videos - all in one place!
  72. XR18 as a Primary iOS Recording Interface
  73. Headphone use when mixing "FOH"
  74. XR18 Aux fed subs
  75. Oscillator
  76. XR18 - Can we copy EQ settings from one channel to the other?
  77. Channel Settings - PRESETS predefined
  78. Simple work rack
  79. Buying a cheap dedicated Android tablet.
  80. XR18 and Crown XLS1500 volume issues
  81. has the rack been cheaper than this?
  82. XR18 recording latency
  83. Android App: Channel overview copy and past crash bug.
  84. Scene Saving & Recall: PARAMETER SAFE
  85. Road Case with monitor splits
  86. Ipad vs Android
  87. "Internal" Insert Routing for FX?
  88. Critical USB connection bug after turning the mixer off and back on // OSX
  89. Can you connect a laptop to an XR-18 directly with an Ethernet cable?
  90. Traction Software
  91. Auto-mixing humor
  92. Is there any problem with switching power off from a rack?
  93. Where are scenes/shows actually saved?
  94. 2 x xr18
  95. Mute Groups
  96. Bug Report: X Air Mix Access (Android)
  97. Xair edit no auto resize feature. alternatives
  98. XR-18 Routing
  99. Sync Direction, What is Stored Where, When?
  100. Took the XR18 out for a gig last night! STABLE CONNECTION/LATENCY is a HUGE PROBLEM!
  101. Wifi Antenna Upgrade
  102. WIFI & Android Issues
  103. X18 edit question
  104. XR18 and Apple Airport Express
  105. Vista??
  106. Access Point Crash (PC/Android)
  107. WIFI reset switch
  108. Bug Report: XR18 WEP in Accesspoint-Mode not working
  109. X Air Edit for Mac V0.5.1 not supported on "compatible" MacBook Pro
  110. Wow ... this thing sounds fantastic!
  111. Crossover?
  112. First gig with the XR18 - Some Lessons Learned
  113. Networking Works Just Fine in Vancouver Washington
  114. Instructions to connect XR18 as wifi client A to Z
  115. NEED HELP Connecting to Macbook pro
  116. How to connect the XR18 to LAN from A to Z
  117. Mono Out?
  118. USB-DIN Pass Thru?
  119. 16 Track Recording Working Nicely on iPad
  120. Local Scene/Snapshot recall
  121. What Tablet Do You Use? Problems?
  122. Access Point Restrictions
  123. Release Schedule?
  124. X-AIR Edit Mac overview video
  125. Waves Multitrack Recording SW with MultiRacks Bundle
  126. Nifty Feature: Channel Layout
  127. XR18 and Waves MultiRack
  128. X AIR PC .05.1 Beta Stops Responding
  129. X18r wifi question
  130. New videos
  131. Strange WIFI Twist
  132. Should I be concerned that Access Point mode only has WEP?
  133. Thinking about taking the dive. A couple Q's before I do
  134. RTA questions
  135. Mix Groups?
  136. Run the X-Air Android app on any computer in Chrome (Windows, Mac, Linux, Chromebook)
  137. Mixing via NanoKontrol
  138. Am I stupid or what?
  139. Bcf 2000 did you try?
  140. Anyone know how to get the Linux version of X Air Edit running on Ubuntu 14.04 x64?
  141. Controlling Effects in Mixes - Android?
  142. Routing Question
  143. HELP - XR18 Midi Clock
  144. Behringer X-AIR - Why everyone needs one of these!
  145. How to force X18 send Program Change commands?
  146. XR18 stereo aux mixes
  147. Metering
  148. Android Feature Request (Easy)
  149. Ducking
  150. DeEsser
  151. X-Air-Edit X-Button Shut Down
  152. MIDI DIN>USB Thru
  153. XR18 - Channel 17/18 as mono channels?
  154. XR18 and Waves Tracks Live
  155. XR18 Access point and what the possible problem may be.
  156. X AIR Best Wifi Practices
  157. X AIR Best Wifi Practices
  158. access point antenna f/u
  159. iPad App bug: Wrong values.
  160. iPad App unusable! Had to go buy a Samsung Tab4 to use with the XR18
  161. Xr18/X-Air First Gig
  162. First gig with the XR-18 was great!
  163. First Gig....Excellent!
  164. Ipad app update released right now? What's new?
  165. SOLO MUSICIANS dedicated mixer?
  166. Dissapointing: X AIR Edit
  167. How do I update using a mac?
  168. Xair edit user question - AUX Channel
  169. Using XR18 WiFi for connecting pc on remote desktop
  170. XR18 Rack mounting
  171. Ipad App. WHEN will can expect an usable update?
  172. TIP: Choosing the best WiFi channel using iPad
  173. Copy & Paste or Save Channel Strip Settings?
  174. XR18 with Waves MultiRack
  175. Effects basics for Android app
  176. Assign Users for their monitor only and lock out of main mix
  177. Latest update
  178. TIP: Choosing the best WiFi channel using Android
  179. How can i get other programs to sent out sound over more than usb 1/2?
  180. Lan to USB adapter for Android Tablet
  181. Guitar FX through USB: MacBook vs iPad Shootout
  182. Ipad XAir update today 031715
  183. A couple of questions before I bite
  184. XR18 won't connect to PC via ethernet cable, but androids work..
  185. Full Screen View
  186. X Air Scenes, Pre-sets and Patches
  187. Wifi Woes
  188. Different ways to connect to your X AIR Mixer
  189. More Rack Porn
  190. Stream music from my iPad?
  191. My Setup
  192. Request: Run XAIR Edit from USB
  193. Behringer X-Air XR28
  194. X Air FX - Double Tracking and Single Delay
  195. XAir Functions IPad vs XAir PC/Mac
  196. Channel Input to USB Input
  197. Xr18 dsp
  198. Confusion about all the available apps and programs
  199. X-Touch mini/compact compatible with XR18?
  200. Mid Side Mic Processor Request
  201. Is the Ethernet port still active when in Access Point mode?
  202. Android video for the "Mac Guy"
  203. X32/X-Air: Help needed-configuration of scenes,snippets & tidbits with MIDI prog chgs
  204. Hiss on channels 1 and 2
  205. XR18 Spytopsy
  206. X Air Edit bus output
  207. XR 18 first live experience XR18 vs. DL1608/DL32R
  208. "Q-Air" or something like it?
  209. Linux Experience
  210. XR18 Connection Ethenet port
  211. In Need of Help With XR-18 and X Air Software on Android
  212. Xr18 & x-air edit updates
  213. Windows 8 Tablet
  214. xr18 recording options to consider
  215. Working offline with Android app.
  216. X-Air PC Subgroups
  217. Android app: saving issues
  218. X-AIR comprehensive Issue list
  219. Xair sdk
  220. Input display
  221. Ethernet port problems
  222. Multiple devices connected to one XR18?
  223. Will the x air software look much different when controlling an x air 12?
  224. Saving Presets for single intsruments / for all the band
  225. Getting the best of all three worlds
  226. XR18 malfunction with 2 x-air
  227. SO CONFUSED -- Show lost
  228. XR18 with Pro Tools HD?
  229. New Boy to the X Air and digital mixing
  230. Anti Virus programm is seriously blocking USB driver installation
  231. Virtual Dj use
  232. Android to Mac and Back
  233. Access point dropouts in non-challenging environment
  234. Connection Lost... And now?
  235. XR18 USB Control Surface
  236. Access point - Just fine (for me)
  237. Gain Structure for Live Sound and Recording Simultaneously?
  238. Questions about XR-16
  239. WiFi Solutions
  240. Sub groups on iPad app
  241. Excited about the updates
  242. Starting to get solutions to the problems
  243. How to Stream Your Show Live
  244. Laptop lost connection live gig - Recording Question monitors
  245. Another Wi-fi Issue?
  246. p16m ultranet question
  247. Recommended settings for Wi-Fi routers and access points
  248. I got Mine!
  249. XR18 save "show"
  250. Bag for X18R