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  1. Pro2c MCA glitch
  2. Will there be a Midas version of the X32-Rack?
  3. DL32- 64 inputs?
  4. M32 click audio problem
  5. M32 compatible with DBX ?
  6. M32 V x32 ergonomics
  7. PRO2 Meters
  8. M32/x32 with DAW and Aux
  9. Midas M32 losing connection with DL16 stage boxes or Dante?
  10. M32 fader calibration issue
  11. M32 dsp
  12. PRO1 versus M32
  13. M32r
  14. Cat5 Snake Reel
  15. M32R Display & M/C Fader
  16. advice needed on multitrack recording/playback: software, settings
  17. M32 Platform Feature Request
  18. M32 iPad App Bugs
  19. Beyond Basic Multi-tracking
  20. m32r user assignable buttons
  21. Artist's Preset Description & Recomended Usage
  22. M32R Summation Problems
  23. Can't control the Main L+R output
  24. M32c
  25. M32 Startup Problem
  26. M32R Documentation
  27. M32 armrest bubbling and fader issues
  28. M32 Cues, Scenes and Snippets
  29. P16 channel silent when panned center
  30. How are you using the M32 - Studio, Live, or...?
  31. Audio from DN32 card different pitch 44.1 vs 48khz
  32. MIDAS Console Feature Requests
  33. Automix
  34. bus sends
  35. X32
  36. Setup a bus or main as Pre-ch insert???
  37. Auto EQ
  38. M32 Patch snake - XLR or T/R/S outouts?
  39. M32R customized case photos
  40. Programing M32 for theatre
  41. xr18 direct access to the monitor page
  42. M32 crashes my MacPro every time I try to connect it via USB!
  43. Reaper and X32 Rack
  44. Product Registration Website
  45. Using The Editor Live but Offline
  46. This is going to be a great monitor board!
  47. M32R Custom Knobs
  48. Downward Expander
  49. Horrible Noise From New M32R
  50. IEM Verb Suggestions
  51. M32: Patching External Comps on a Vocal Channel
  52. AVB on the Midas/Behringer Platform
  53. M32C Availability and Weight
  54. Pre-Gain Direct Out??
  55. Using Two M32R's Togethe
  56. New M32R
  57. LR EQ on Delay Speakers
  58. Will Un-assigning LR Bus Save Processing Power
  59. +M on the Signal Tap Point
  60. Midas PRO1
  61. No more RTA on channel EQ on my M32 since update 2.12
  62. Help with muting channels on mixbuss
  63. M32 vs PRO1
  64. Saturating M32
  65. Routing a Mix Bus to Multiple XLR Outs
  66. PRO Series Starting Points
  67. Saving Scenes With M32-Edit
  68. Hypothetical AES50 Questions
  69. Virtual sound checking
  70. M32 96kHz
  71. Gen III
  72. Midas PRO1 RTA
  73. M32 and X32 clipping
  74. RTA Gen III
  75. M32r scene recall
  76. PRO2 bug
  77. Sticky Button on M32R
  78. M32 USB over IP
  79. The New M32C Rackmount Versions are Shipping!
  80. Mixtender issues with Pro 2
  81. Incorrect Link on Midas M32 Pagee(s)
  82. service manuals old desks
  83. M32C - How get full channel count?
  84. M32-Cue App won't stay connected
  85. Smaller AES50 Stage Box
  86. Clarification regarding Scenes/Snippets/Presets
  87. Check this out I think its Awesome
  88. AUX add 6 db to mix on Pro2c
  89. First Time Out with M32C
  90. 6th AES50 port problem, Pro2C
  91. Recording With The PRO Series
  92. iPad for M32-Edit
  93. Controlling panning on M32 via Card MIDI
  94. Matrix Phasing/Time Issues on the Pro1 - G3 Firmware
  95. M32C + DL16 Headphone Monitoring
  96. DL155 & DL251 diagnostic issue
  97. Inserts on Channels or groups on the Pro2
  98. G3 Firmware Overview?
  99. RTA in M32C
  100. Midas Pro2C - what might cause showfile to disappear from active memory?
  101. Midas Pro1 disappeared from Music Group Midas site?
  102. Initialize Console (Again)
  103. Pro2 offline Editor G3.2 Fail
  104. Midas PRO1 Diagnostics Inspector
  105. Talk section since V3 firmware
  106. M32 cue is anybody having problems
  107. Vocabulary used by M32 / X32
  108. M32C + DL16 Output Routing
  109. M32C + DL16 Cue Wedge & Cue IEM Independant Control?
  110. Has Anyone Anywhere Ever Managed to Perform a Successful Firmware Upgrade on a DL231?
  111. M32 Routing etc
  112. M32 DCA assignment indicator?
  113. Venice F 16/32 and OSX El Capitan
  114. Found Bug in M32 - Mix iPad App
  115. M32 and XR Development
  116. MIDI in on pro02 since V3
  117. linking DL15X boxes
  118. M32: Organizing Preset Library
  119. Midas Pro and Waves Soundgrid - SuperMAC/AES50 interface anytime soon?
  120. Missing Multi band compressor in effect library
  121. Regarding a Midas snake/preamp that connects with M32C
  122. Foyer speaker send with a twist
  123. Playing wave files from USB M32C
  124. DN9650 - Ultra noisy fan.
  125. Pro2 Matrix
  126. Offline Editor for Windows, Pro2
  127. M32Edit/M32C - Delete Scene?
  128. Insert a plugin on the master bus
  129. M32 and X32 Scene Compatibility
  130. M32 snippets doesn't take in account LR Main affectation
  131. M32 Edit update?
  132. Pro2, diagnostic help
  133. M32 / famtom 48volt /gain
  134. One button option for mutes
  135. VeniceF Firewire Support MacOSX 11
  136. Pro2 Show Editor
  137. Which consoles can connect to a midas pro 1 via cat5
  138. M32 not outputting independently L&R from a Stereo Matrix setup. Attached Show File.
  139. M32R Display flickers.
  140. M32 with X32 scenes
  141. Pro 2 Showfiles not recognised
  142. How to set output delay for my DL16 outputs???
  143. Dante - M32
  144. M32r... Have you found a rack that it fits in?
  145. M32c & dl153
  146. Gain vs Trim on the M32
  147. Midas Pro 1 Talkback Patching
  148. A little advanced Setup question (M32+M32C+2xDL16)
  149. Offline editor issues
  150. TC Electronics joins music group.
  151. M32R right bank of faders. It is possible to program...
  152. M32 and 96khz
  153. M32 Input Routing with X-Dante Card
  154. new member/owner with midi implementation questions
  155. M32 Rack?
  156. Aux In Remap Question
  157. Tips and How To do's on the M-32R
  158. M32 Gain Splitting, Head amp gain and digital trim metering
  159. M32 webinar link
  160. M32R Bit Depth?
  161. Scene Safe
  162. Venice F24 Stereo Channel Recording Problem
  163. Possible bug on M32R fader bank switch
  164. M32 & Dugan
  165. M32 Mix bug
  166. Snake Remote Control and DL153
  167. M32r potentiometer problem (below the screen)
  168. Midas PRO X Latency
  169. Kt dn9620
  170. Pro 2 assignable keys issue
  171. Pro2 software: Automate paging?
  172. m32 USB recorder Artifacts (digital ticks)
  173. Anyone having problems with Pro1 Offline Editor 3.2.9?
  174. PRO1 3.2.8 Bug.
  175. Midas M Air MR24
  176. What happens to OSC Signal from an M32 when it's in DAW control mode
  177. What's new in Software update G3.2.6?
  178. Pro Series, Bug or Feature? 3
  179. Pro Series, Bug or Feature? 2
  180. Pro Series, Bug or Feature? 1
  181. Midas Spectrum Analyzer ProX
  182. Please Fix Your iPad App
  183. M32 Mixbus clipping
  184. PRO1 L/R master faders unlink
  185. Pro1 won't connect to a DN9650 and DL251 - Software bug?
  186. Dl231
  187. Pro1 Power Supply
  188. PRO1 "DSP board can not be detected"
  189. 2 Midas M32C units and 1 Midas DL32 - Can't get sound from IEM M32C
  190. M32 fx4 Insert - Is it different than fx1-3?
  191. Adding M32r as monitor console to M32c and 2 DL16's
  192. Midas M32 / M32R Main L7R
  193. Pro1 update
  194. Pro1 update
  195. Midas M32 Locked Up (Unresponsive) During Show - any idea why?
  196. Pro3/6/9 v3 update?
  197. M32 Edit Version Information
  198. M32 Edit for MAC V2.5 Crashing
  199. M32C + M32 Edit + Talkback
  200. DL153 Factory Firmware Version
  201. Midas PRO Series Card Option
  202. Mixtender2 issue headamp pro1 - pro2
  203. Midas M32R routing help
  204. Using the Monitor Out for FOH
  205. Pro-2 Blank Screen.. Asking Forum before calling Tech Support
  206. Pre-Sales Question: Midas M32C + DL32
  207. M32 Edit for Mac 2.5 no Ultranet
  208. Stereo Pre-Fader Headphones monitor.
  209. DL251 head amp
  210. DL153 Firmware
  211. DL153 AES50 Status Indication LED Blinks
  212. DL-231 Setup
  213. Midas M32R USB or Card Recording... Don't Bother
  214. Is this a Bug in the offline Editor? Cant recall single Bus-Send. Pro1 Offline Editor
  215. Software bug ?
  216. No Stickers? What Gives?
  217. Daw remote logic pro x 10.2.2 not working
  218. Automation issues
  219. Midas M32 - Configure mixbus for pre fader, pre eq, pre dynamics
  220. connecting P16 to Midas pro series
  221. Dn32 USB driver cannot detect M32R after firmware update to 2.16 version
  222. M32 Scene Saves
  223. M32 - Multi track recording with Reaper
  224. Pro1/2 pre eq?
  225. M32R Freeze
  226. Will a Behringer SD8 work with a Midas M32?
  227. M32 Recorder "frying" bug ?
  228. Pro 2 Graphic EQ's and Mono Bus
  229. Changing preferences for 1/3octave eq's vs. effects
  230. Venice F24: Frequent crashes on Win 7 x64 - please help
  231. Need help to setup midas VU24
  232. Cubase and Midas M32
  233. copy mix
  234. M32 Headphone Routing
  235. Simple I/O for the M32C
  236. Midas m32 problem with cubase 8 daw system (mac)
  237. Status Light in GUI
  238. My experience with MUSIC Group Services NV ->REPAIR<- It was very good.
  239. Some problem with M32R +DL153+DL151
  240. VCA and AUX out
  241. Scribble Strip Contrast messed up need help!
  242. M32R + 2x DL16's Setup Issues
  243. M32 iEQ (by StrongSoft) v1.6 now available in the App Store
  244. Leisure Comp for PRO Series
  245. How do I determine firmware version of DL32.
  246. M32 Edit + OSX still unusable
  247. Firmware 3.4 and OE 3.4 Pro1 - Linking Mono out claims mandatory a graphic eq.
  248. TC VSS4 for PRO series
  249. FW 3.4, Patching the Automixer
  250. AutoMixer